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No appetite – why a child refuses food

Sometimes children who do not usually suffer from lack of appetite are there. Should they be forced? And maybe we should just have some time to watch the kid if he was okay, and then draw some conclusions, and even to go to the doctor.

Child is not eating because of illness

Most doctors believe that to force the baby to eat when he wants, does not follow, as this could have negative implications for the health of the child. Sometimes not eating can be associated with any disease, for example, the child sensory disorder. Experts note that if the quantity of foods that a child eats, is limited to just 20 names, he might have a sensory disorder.

Diet for childIf the kid is okay, he may temporarily abandon the use of a product, and then again to return to him. A sick child will never eat food that taste which make it seem otherwise. Sometimes children refuse to eat alone, but for the company you eat with pleasure, a sick child won’t eat, even in this case. If the child was not eating, you should not force him to sit for hours over the plate, but you should carefully watch him and if necessary will go to the doctor.

Why can’t we get there?

Sometimes parents, thinking that their baby is hungry, get him there, but is it worth it to do if the child refuses? Often up to this point, the kid has managed to eat half of the proposed portions, but parents think that this is not enough, and they begin to force or persuade: “mom, dad…”. Of course, persuasion or coercion can force a child to eat, but, as the doctors say, the benefits of such food is not and on the contrary, it will bring harm.

It is worth knowing that the food in this case is poorly digested, and this can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The food is forced unnatural, as no animal eats forced and not forced to eat their children. Besides, the food is forced provokes in the child’s development of neuroses, as parents inhibit its independence, which is the first sign of the formation of child’s personality. If the child is healthy and he does not need to adhere strictly to the diet regime, don’t make him hungry, your baby will be asked to eat.

Diet for child

The children’s pediatrician, author of many books on development and education of children Dr. Benjamin Spock said that baby needs to be fed when he asks, because this diet corresponds to its natural rhythm. If the baby is fine and he is healthy, then his reluctance is only means that he is not hungry and forcing the baby to eat more than he needs, parents sometimes provoke the development of obesity in children. Obesity in the modern world beach not only adults but also children. It causes the development of diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2, cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other serious problems. Therefore, if the child is healthy, energetic, lose weight, don’t force him to eat, a little later the kid himself will ask for food or simply will not abandon your proposed meals.

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