Nutrition (diet) for infertility

Diet for infertility: for men

Fructose is the best friend of sperm. Fruit sugar is essential for their maturation. If you include in the diet of chocolate, oranges, grapefruits and especially yellow sweet apples, then the sperm will become more mobile. We must not forget the lemons contain citric acid, taking an active part in biochemical processes and prolong sperm life.

Diet for infertility for menBut their activity can give the seafood rich in zinc, selenium, molybdenum, shrimp, squid, crabs. Especially the USA far East: their meat accumulated chemical element germanium, which is rich coastal shelf.

The reason for the decline in “quality and quantity” may be the lack of copper, and therefore, you are rich in this element of forest berries.
Contributes to the concentration of spermatozoa such antioxidants like lycopene contained in tomatoes. He, by the way, is a preventive remedy against inflammation of the prostate gland. And of course, the man must get from food enough complete protein.

Diet for infertility for women

Diet for infertility for womenThe maturation is largely dependent on the availability of food phospholipids substances containing phosphorus. Classic product containing it, is fish oil. No need to buy it at the pharmacy, it is enough to include in the diet of any oily fish.

But cabbage (fresh or pickled) rich in vitamin U, can stimulate uterine activity and normalize the menstrual cycle – and this is a necessary condition for conception.

Infertility useful to have sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and nuts (zinc), citrus fruits (vitamin C), brown rice, legumes, oatmeal (b vitamins), soy, almonds and bread flour (magnesium).

But the consumption of large amounts of alcohol hinders the absorption of b vitamins, zinc and iron, important for successful conception.
As for meat and dairy products, a woman wishing to become pregnant, it is better himself in them to limit. A large amount of protein can be sealed membrane of the follicle, and in the right moment it will not burst – this leads to the formation of cysts.

Diet for infertility – useful products

Diet for infertility - useful productsSpinach, which contains folic acid should be applied in the form of juice in combination with other vegetables.
Bananas are considered a good remedy for impotence. Banana stimulates the production of seed.
Dates will strengthen sexual function. Strengthen the immune system.
Sea buckthorn berries, juice, and sea buckthorn (add to salads) are useful when the problem of impotence. Sea buckthorn contains large amounts of vitamins C, E, R.
Pomegranate is useful for hormonal disorders.
Cherries and apples are good for anemia.
Bow restores hormonal balance in the body and contains substances that increase the potency. Recommended for all types of onions.
Fennel is useful for nervousness, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea.
Cashews improve sexual life. Contain omega-3, 6, 9, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other
When anemia is useful every day to eat apricots, peaches, pumpkin and honey.
Useful for Breakfast is bread smeared with honey cinnamon (strengthens the immune system).
Infertility husband and wife good to eat boiled mackerel (from old medical manual).
Natural antidepressants is nuts, honey, ginger, pear, meat, fish.
Natural cleaners, antibiotics and antioxidants onion, garlic, ginger, celery, horseradish, beets, carrots, tomatoes, apples, red pepper, cinnamon, mustard, olive oil, figs, spinach, pomegranate, dates, nuts, dill, Apple cider vinegar.
Vitamin K, which thickens the blood contain spinach, cabbage and green tea. These products are not combined-thinning drugs.

Juices to drink for 3 hours before meal or 3 hours after eating!

Food should be at room temperature. Food must be thoroughly chewed, eaten slowly in small portions. During treatment for infertility, it is recommended to avoid stress, to control their minds and be an optimist.

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