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Cream and Ointment to treat hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – a disease, which deprives many of rest and comfort in life. The benefit to the symptoms and manifestations of the disease can be successfully fought, and creams and ointments for hemorrhoids is the most effective tool that. How and what to treat hemorrhoids? What is the best hemorrhoid ointment? How to treat hemorrhoids folk remedies, how to prepare a cream from hemorrhoids? And how can you treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Among all the existing tools we decided to celebrate ointments, which allow the most effective hemorrhoid treatment, give the most positive effect. To tell you how to treat hemorrhoids folk remedies, and which allowed of hemorrhoid creams for pregnant women.

Heparin Ointment

The characteristic difference between this and ointments for hemorrhoids is the presence, as the main active component of heparin. Thanks to this component rather quickly eliminated inflammatory processes and the response of the local character occurs, rapid resorption gematomny formations, especially characteristic of the manifestation of the disease in pregnant women.

Given that this is an appropriate hemorrhoid ointment during pregnancy, she is more gentle and allows you to quickly get rid of the symptoms of the disease. If there are such complications of pregnancy, should immediately to use hemorrhoid ointment to prevent infection. If you have problems with hemorrhoids were before, then it should be treated with ointments for hemorrhoids to prevent the possible spread of the disease further worsening of its symptoms and growth stage.

Troxevasin Ointment

Caffeine is the ointment or hemorrhoids cream, relieving inflammation, increasing the strength of blood vessels. With its use are swelling, significantly reduced the secretion of exudate. To treat hemorrhoids you need to apply the gel around the anus on the affected area in the morning. Caffeine is the most effective best hemorrhoid cream long does not heal and gets wet.

Relif Ointment

This tool provides effective treatment of hemorrhoids due to the presence in its composition of oil shark liver. To treat hemorrhoids with this ointment, you can use it up to four times daily. To accelerate the effects in parallel you can treat hemorrhoids and using hemorrhoids suppositories, “relief”. An additional advantage is the low price. This tool provides effective treatment of hemorrhoids especially in the early stages of the disease.

Ointment Posterizan

To treat hemorrhoids this tool can be quite successful, because it produces excellent regenerating effect, thanks to the enhancement of local immunity. Actually, posterisan is the best ointment for hemorrhoids with a weakened immune system. This tool is recommended for use to people who have weak immune system by nature, or has some other concurrent disease. In addition, this ointment is allowed during pregnancy, that is, it is possible to treat hemorrhoids breastfeeding mothers.

Ointment Procesan

Proktozan is an effective analgesic and antipruritic agent. Due to the content consisting of bismuth, procosan able to reduce bleeding hemorrhoids. The integument of the anus with the use of this ointment is restored much faster, diseased place to get wet and stops shivsena faster.

Ointment Gepatrombin

This hemorrhoid cream provides effective analgesic and thrombolytic effect due to the content in its composition of allantoin and heparin. Apply it repeatedly throughout the day. Gepatrombin gives a very effective hemorrhoid treatment of external.

Ointment Bezornil

Bezornil – ointment for hemorrhoids, which is a multifunctional drug that has beneficial effects in case of complicated hemorrhoids. Another advantage is the cost of the drug, which is not much different from prices for other ointments that can treat hemorrhoids, but the effect is much better. Additionally, it can also be injected inside, reducing the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids. Bezornil – ointment for hemorrhoids number one, if the patient has a second stage of the disease.

In the pharmacy

Hemorrhoid ointment Aurobin heals cracks and also reduces hemorrhoids. The main difference from other tools is the fact that hemorrhoid cream aurobin in addition to the standard components contains more vitamins and. Thus, thanks to vitamin complex, promotes more rapid overgrowing of cracks.

Ichthyol Ointment

This “old-fashioned” antiseptic, used in various diseases. Ichthyol ointment is a high quality tool that helps to overgrowing of cracks of the anus.

Ointment Levomekol

Levomekol ointment or hemorrhoids cream. Quite an effective tool, when necessary anti-inflammatory, regenerative, antimicrobial and hypertensive properties. Pleased to note that the cost is quite low, it is a cheap cure for a disease that does not affect its effectiveness.

Pain relief ointment for hemorrhoids

Ointment with anesthetic effect has to have in the Arsenal of the pleasure of a patient suffering from hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids started, which is not uncommon in this disease, you probably have hairline cracks, quite painful during bowel movements. Therefore, after a bowel movement is required to carry out the antiseptic procedure, and then apply anesthetic ointment. As a rule, many kinds of pain components contain all ointment external hemorrhoids. To ease the pain will help “Acetaminophen” (“Tylenol”), for example. Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs preformed, for example, “Ibuprofen” and “Naproxen”, will help to reduce swelling and pain.

Ointment Proctosedyl

The basis of this medicinal drug is hydrocortisone, it is an excellent analgesic agent in the treatment of different stages of hemorrhoids. Among other things, proctosedyl substantially reduces inflammation in the anal region of the colon and eliminates itching. This hemorrhoid ointment is one of the best on the stage of healing hemorrhoids cracks, the healing process with this ointment is easier and faster, without discomfort.

Vishnevsky Ointment

This cream is not a special remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but it gives very good results. It should be applied immediately, but only on the fourth day of manganese production of lotions recommended for hemorrhoids. A compress with ointment must be placed within two consecutive days for twelve hours. To treat hemorrhoids with ointment Vishnevsky is recommended to relieve inflammation in the anal area. Additionally, it is possible to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy and also during breastfeeding, is it safe for a child.

Ointment Fleming

This ointment is a homeopathic medication for the treatment of this disease. It is usually prescribed to women during pregnancy or after childbirth, as the product does not contain any harmful substances for mommy and her baby. Actually it is the best hemorrhoid ointment when you need the most gentle medicines. In view of this, it also shows people in old age.

Chinese hemorrhoid ointment

This tool is available with the musk. The main focus of its action – local regenerative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, haemostatic and astringent actions.

Ointments for treatment for hemorrhoids – the composition and application

Most suffering from hemorrhoids patients tend to get rid of it without surgery. Drugs that can be effective from hemorrhoids, have different forms of release. One of the most common among them is the ointment. Hemorrhoid cream should be used for local application. The full range of treatment she can not replace, but to complement and increase the effectiveness of treatment she is able. It is more convenient to use the ointment in the treatment of external haemorrhoids, when the internal is more convenient to use suppositories.

Ointment hemorrhoid

Ointment hemorrhoidIn the composition of ointments, which carried out the treatment of hemorrhoids, can include different ingredients that are active substances that are uniformly distributed in the ointment base. One better to treat the disease in the acute phase, as they have mainly anti-inflammatory effect. Others have hemostatic effect, their better to treat the disease in the presence of bleeding sites. Third, phlebotominae, a treatment in the remission phase, they effectively reduce the size of the nodes. They can also have hemostatic effect, these should be used when thrombosis nodes. Ointment anti hemorrhoids containing anesthetic, relieves pain.

Most of the ointments includes multiple components, with one usually is the main active ingredient.

The same applies to reading reviews about the application of ointments – while reading such reviews, you should understand that what might work for one person does not guarantee you a cure.

Advantages and disadvantages of ointments

The ointment is easy to use and convenient. Some discomfort may occur incomplete absorption of their components, usually of a fatty basis. The result is leakage, and there are traces of linen. However, looking at the photo in exacerbation of the disease and to compare them with photos after the tool was stopped it is easy to see that this annoyance makes sense neglected.

Especially useful in this remedy to treat children, it is convenient to use hemorrhoid cream during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, as well as the presence of comorbidities. After all, in this medical treatment tool works locally, but systemic effects are minimized.

Method of application of the ointment

Hemorrhoid ointment should be applied in the form of applications after a bowel movement and appropriate hygienic measures. RUB this remedy into knots and massage them there was no need.

Also you can lubricate the anal canal inside, after inflicting the tool on your finger or insert ointment soaked swab.

Features ointments from hemorrhoids

Questions, what cream is better what is the most effective and how best to use in a particular case, is able to confound even the doctor. The fact that its effectiveness depends on the stage of the disease, and individual characteristics of the structure of the network of the hemorrhoidal vessels, and concomitant diseases. Sometimes only the direct application allows to understand which ointment would be best. However, among the variety of data tools, you can highlight the most popular and proved its effectiveness in many cases.

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