Ovulation Days

Ovulation — the period when output is ripe for fertilization by the sperm of the egg from the follicle. This is the only day in the month when it can happen conception. Therefore, many women planning the pregnancy or unwilling to get pregnant, trying to calculate the day of ovulation.

Today, how to calculate ovulation, there is enough. But, unfortunately, they cannot give a precise assurance that this day will happen the release of an egg from the follicle, because this process can affect a number of factors (different diets, taking medications, irregular menstrual cycle, illness, hormonal failure, etc.). Therefore, to protect them thus against an unwanted pregnancy in any case impossible.

Ovulation Days

Let’s consider how to calculate the day of ovulation by calendar method, basal temperature, secretions, sensations, ultrasound, test strips, and with the help of online calculator.

How to calculate ovulation by calendar method

To apply this method is only possible with a regular menstrual cycle lasting 28 days. In this case, the release of an egg occurs 2 weeks before the next menstruation. To calculate the date of ovulation, you need to the first day of the beginning of the last menstrual period, add 28 days (the duration of the menstrual cycle), then from the received date to count down 14 days ago.

It is important to note that under the influence of some factors, ovulation can come on 1-2 days early or late, and sperm can live on average about 3 days, then it is recommended to plan the conception 5 days before the calculated date of ovulation.

Calculate ovulation by basal temperature

The basal temperature is the lowest body temperature observed during sleep. Measuring it is possible to easily calculate ovulation because it can cause increased to 0.25-0.5 °C.

Women’s hormonal balance at different periods of the menstrual cycle has a different temperature. In the first phase of the basal temperature under the influence of the hormone estrogen is kept at a low level. These are ideal conditions for an egg to Mature in preparation for fertilization. The average temperature in the first phase, equal to 36.3-36.5 °C. It may slightly increase or decrease by 0.1 °C. At the time of ovulation BT increases significantly on average 37,1-37,3 °C. the indicators will stay until the onset of menstruation. If my period did not come, and the temperature continues to stay at 37,1-37,3 °C more than 18 days after the delay, it is possible to judge the occurrence of pregnancy.

To calculate ovulation as accurately as possible should adhere to strict rules when measuring the basal temperature:

  • Measurements are taken daily at the same time after sleeping.
  • Apply the same mercury thermometer, which should always be near a bed, because to make any sudden movements and to get out of bed before the measurement of basal temperature is not.
  • To measure the thermometer should be inserted into the anus and lie quietly for 5 minutes. After some time, enter the figure in the graph.

To obtain the most accurate metrics to measure the basal temperature should be only after a long night of sleep, lasting at least 6 hours. Any rules violations in the measurement and many other factors (illness, evening sexual intercourse, medication, fatigue, alcohol consumption) can affect performance. These factors shall also be shown on the chart.

A graph is composed of all the rules, can show the onset of ovulation or its absence. When planning a pregnancy, the basal temperature is measured for 3-4 menstrual cycles. It is thus possible to accurately calculate the day of ovulation.

Calculation of ovulation by ultrasound

In ultrasonography (ultrasound) to calculate the release of an egg from the follicle is possible as accurately as possible. Also, this method is suited to women with irregular menstrual cycle. Thanks to the procedure it is possible to track the development of the follicle and release of the egg it is. With regular menstrual cycle ultrasound starts at 3-4 days before the expected date of ovulation. With an irregular cycle to monitor follicle begin 4-5 days after monthly every 2-3 days.

Calculation for ovulation test strips

Today to calculate the day of ovulation is possible with the help of special tests, which can be bought at any pharmacy. The test strips react to content in urine luteinizing hormone appearing in it for 24-36 hours before follicle rupture and release of the egg it.

Regular cycle tests begin doing in 17 days before the next menstruation. But with irregular cycle to find out the day of ovulation with the help of the test would be problematic, since it is impossible to determine the appropriate time for testing. In this case, better to turn to ultrasound monitoring.

Calculate the day of ovulation the secretions and sensations

Some women can calculate ovulation day without any calculations. It is enough to listen to your own body. During ovulation, women may appear non-durable aching pain in the lower abdomen, the breast swelling, mood change, increased sexual desire, changes the nature of the vaginal discharge. (they become rich and viscous).

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