Ovulation disorder – causes and consequences

Ovulation is the key to a woman became pregnant, and so was the process of pregnancy, you need to have a healthy ovulation. The list of diseases which disrupt ovulation and what to do with them, you will find in our article.

Why is disturbed ovulation?

Why is disturbed ovulationThe process regularity of ovulation depends directly on the female hormonal levels of the body, as well as the status of women’s health, because the presence of ovulation is the first signal of a healthy body and that he is ready to reproduce. Unfortunately, there are so many factors ovulation disorders: tumors in the ovaries, inflammation, and hormonal, failures. Three groups of the most common factors and diseases that contribute to the violation of ovulation.

Diseases that cause violations ovulation

All kinds of diseases of the thyroid gland associated with the suppression of its function or increased, there is a failure in the process of formation of the follicle.
Disorders of the pituitary gland in the brain injury, tumor, blood circulation, is released into the blood excess amount of a specific hormone prolactin. This hormone is the most popular and which suppresses ovulation, which is the cause of female infertility.
The last group of diseases, which disrupts ovulation, are those diseases in which there is excess emission in the blood of women of male hormones. The most common form of the disease – multiple cysts in the ovaries.

Improper diet leads to disorders of ovulation

diet for ovulationWhen overweight may be a time of infertility. Doctors say that among the causes of disorders of ovulation there is an excess of adipose tissue in the female body. When body fat there is excessive accumulation of hormones and female sex. Therefore, changing hormones of the body, excess weight may be the cause of ovulation disorders.
Also cause disorders of ovulation there is a sharp weight loss women. This is when the function of the fatty layer mentioned above. Such fabrics are made of the usual “storage” hormone to the female body. And when the “store” disappears, the female hormones of the body as broken.

Excessive exercise is the cause

We all want to have the perfect body shape and to be compelling and unique. When such aspirations of women can be hard work and admirable tenacity, spending much time in the gym. Nobody says that a healthy lifestyle and sport is not useful. But there are times when women are overstepping the bounds of reasonable, and in the gyms produce themselves to exhaustion, combine this activity with diet, exhausting the body. Exhausted, the body simply “turns off” the function of ovulation, because he knows that under such circumstances he will not be able to give life to the young fetus.

What to do when ovulation disorder?

If you keep track of your menstrual cycle, lead basal temperature graph and do the ovulation tests, you can easily do yourself to notice the process of ovulation disorders. Thus urgently go to the endocrinologist and the gynecologist.

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