Ovulation tests

It should be noted that the onset of the next ovulation many women often can even feel it. Indeed, in these few days, usually vaginal discharge can become more viscous and even more abundant libido in women may rise slightly, and sometimes even felt some pain in the ovary. Actually that’s the way mother nature provides the existing mechanism of occurrence of human conception. But in order to be at least a step ahead of nature, when planning a pregnancy, the woman will need to do a special test for ovulation. Such a test will allow a woman wants to conceive a child to determine the period when a woman’s fertility reaches its maximum level, i.e. it will find truly the most auspicious moment to complete successfully, conceiving a baby.

Recall that ovulation is the release of a Mature egg directly from the follicle of a woman in her fallopian tube. And if you say to this most of the time it will wait here sestrenici, as strong, hardy and viable sperm, believe me, this meeting will end with a successful fusion of the male and female cells which will occur the formation of the zygote, which actually will continue its journey to the uterus of the woman and believe me, he will dwell there for its further successful development.

But in order to clearly define the moment – the time of the release of the egg and be able to provide fresh sperm, incredibly conveniently and efficiently use a special test to determine ovulation. This test helps the couple in a timely manner to choose the best possible periods for successful conception.

Principles of data ovulation tests
Ovulation tests dataEasy ovulation can be determined and using the usual home test that you can buy in any nearest pharmacy. The principle of this test is based on a clear definition of the level, so-called luteinising hormone (or hormone LH) in the urine of women. This hormone can be formed and men, however, they almost always is absolutely stable. But in women, the hormone levels of LH depends entirely on time or period of the menstrual cycle. This hormone reaches its peaks just before ovulation. And, of course, such special tests make it possible to fix this rise, which in fact is a real Testament to the onset of your ovulation, and in the coming days after receipt of such test results.

It should be noted that the ovulation tests usually work on the same principle as are the pregnancy tests, but only here used reagent cartridges and special strips will not respond to HCG, and directly to the level of the hormone LH. In pharmacy sale there are special devices for the precise determination of ovulation, but the saliva. Moreover, these devices are designed for multiple use, but, of course, such devices and the cost will be considerably more expensive.

Recall that the increase in level, the luteinising hormone, to those values that can be clearly defined in this test, and will tell the woman about the onset of her ovulation and in the next 12 to a maximum of 48 hours (usually it is only about a day or two). But for real sex partners, this will mean that the time is most favorable for a successful and prosperous conception of the child.

Some young girls or women sometimes use these tests for the presence of ovulation in strictly opposite order. So they clearly define the days during which from careless or reckless sex should be completely avoided, as you know, they use these tests with safety purpose. However, modern pharmacists noted, however, that the direct purpose of this test is to determine ovulation is still a clear definition of the period of maximum fertility of the woman, and not taken to ensure effective contraception.

Basic rules of conducting such a test for the presence of ovulation
Basic rules of conducting such a test for the presence of ovulationMost of all available tests to determine ovulation contain himself five strips or tablets, although, of course, there are also single. Typically, this can be explained by the fact that so simply and from the first time to clearly identify your ovulation could truly is extremely rare, but the second study actually increases your chances to clear and reliable indicators.

To begin such testing should be exactly on the eve of assumed you ovulate. But for a more precise definition of the day there is a very simple but logical formula. Namely, take the duration of specifically your menstrual cycle and subtract from it exactly 17 days. Thus, it appears that a standard 28-day menstrual cycle testing you should begin exactly on the 11th day of the cycle. If exactly your cycle, not noted any regularity, then you basis you will need to take the minimum duration, say for the last four or even six months.

Detailed instructions on performing this test you will easily be able to find literally in every package, and specifically to each specific test. This statement of course need to comply with without any violations, and need it to get later on as truthful the results of this testing. Believe me, there’s absolutely nothing complicated: the test strip is placed in a specific container of cooked your urine or even just substituted under a stream of urine. And then simply estimated result. Repeat this same procedure will be strictly every day, and in one and the same time, and so since-until you can get positive result of this test.

But in order not to accidentally distort the final results, the woman is recommended for approximately one or a maximum of four hours before performing such a test to try and not drink too much liquid and generally to refrain from regular urination well, at least for two hours. In addition, not be used for such testing and the first morning portion of your urine. The most suitable time for such a procedure is time in the day, at ten o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock in the evening.

Possible test results to determine ovulation
Possible test results to determine ovulationAs a rule, due to the above test on the determination of ovulation, a woman can only get one of quite a few possible outcomes. Namely:
The complete absence or very weak expression test strips (and significantly lighter than the strips, which is shown as a control), this test is considered to be completely negative result, which means that before your ovulation you for quite a long time to wait.
Expressed enough the second of the available test strips. Typically, such a demonstration test indicates a possible occurrence of your ovulation, and in the next twelve or at most forty-eight hours. Moreover, your levels of the hormone LH will become higher than the actual brighter and will show your test line.
But the complete absence of the so-called test strips will tell you about the complete unsuitability of the test to its use.

And the last thing it is important to say is that a positive test for determining ovulation, confirms very high female fertility directly at this particular period, and when a test was conducted. And if you are trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, then you definitely need to plan their sexual act in the coming days from ovulation because this is the most that is the best time for successful conception. We wish you only success!

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