Pacifier-dummy for babies

Once the child is born, the parents immediately added many worries and there are a lot of issues associated with its development.

One of the most important for young parents, the question remains about the use of infant pacifiers. Recently began to appear doubts about its necessity. So do I need a dummy to a small child? Arguments “for” and “against” today sparkle, but as far as they are objective, every parent should decide for himself based on his experience.

Pros pacifiers

Pros pacifiersFor the presence of the dummy in the life of a baby is the fact that it is a tool to calm. Very often we face the situation, when after feeding, the baby is cranky, and just getting a blank, calm down. This is because the sucking reflex distract him from the discomfort, eliminate the discomfort.

The demulcent action of the dummy she helps her mother and when visiting public places with the child, when dressing your baby for a walk. When the dummy just need a lot, because no mother is not immune from disease, sudden trips, when she had no opportunity to take the baby with you and you have to leave him in the care of other relatives or friends.

In addition, the sucking of pacifiers can prevent some bad habits. We all know that the sucking reflex of the child is so strong that if you don’t give him a pacifier, it will begin to suck the finger. This reflex becomes a habit and can drag on for years, while the dummy child will be able to decline much earlier, as soon as an innate instinct.

But the strongest argument in favor of pacifiers is the fact that it protects from the syndrome of sudden infant mortality. Dummy prevents the ingestion of language, which can block the Airways of the child does not sleep so deep and soundly in case of any failures in the body of the crumbs.

Disadvantages pacifiers

Disadvantages pacifiersBut sometimes the dignity of the dummy block its shortcomings, which, incidentally, is also not enough. And the first thing you should pay attention to is the period of teething. Because of the long stay of the nipples in his mouth, disturbed occlusion due to excessive load on the gums of the child. Not to mention that the dummy is also the source of many infectious diseases. The day she comes into contact with dirty floors several times, and the parents are not able to ensure its sterility constantly, and sometimes themselves become a source of dangerous microbes, when licking it.

The next negative aspect of the use of pacifiers is the fact that it actually replaces the role of mother. The child does not have enough communication with a native man, her love, he withdraws into himself and as if gives up the world. Neurologists say, for these children, retarded mental development, they start later to talk, and hence the development of the intellect is delayed.

To use a pacifier or not – you decide. The main thing to remember that everything is good in moderation.

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