Pain during menstruation

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon occurring in every woman’s life each month. They are connected with a certain discomfort and require compliance with certain hygiene procedures. It would seem that in the course of life it should be used, but is not that going so far, because in most cases the menses are accompanied by substantial pain.

What hurts during menstruation

Many of us put up with pain during menstruation, believing that they are normal, albeit quite unpleasant, but an integral part of menstruation. And in vain. Because such pains are often a symptom of some disease.

Menstruation is not only biological, but also mechanical process. In their period, the body is cleaned from that is not functional is needed. Our nervous system during menstruation in turn stimulates the muscles of the genitals, outputting all unnecessary. This process regulate nerve impulses, conducted through nerve cells. If any of these cells because of their lack of power or other reasons, block the nerve impulses in the frequency of muscle contractions disorder occurs. It contributes to pain. Painful menstruation in medicine are known as dysmenorrhea or algomenorrhea.

Usually the pain appears in the lower abdomen a few hours before menstruation and lasts one or two days. It can be cramping, aching, stabbing and radiates to the lower back or sacrum. There are several degrees of severity of such pain. At first, the most common, to the degree that they are moderate, causing only slight discomfort and practically does not hinder social activity. There are such pain in adolescence and eventually subside, and after birth and generally can take. However, if this is not happening, be suspicious. Otherwise, a mild form of dysmenorrhea gradually threatens to turn into a more severe form, with a fairly strong and long-lasting pain.

If algomenoree moderate except for strong pain, you may be vomiting, nausea, headaches, weakness, dizziness. Mental and emotional condition of the woman deteriorates, its efficiency is greatly reduced. To facilitate well-being, may be required, as a rule, drugs that have to pick up the doctor.

As for the third degree dysmenorrhea, when there arise very strong pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region, there is pronounced weakness and severe headache. Often, when this temperature rises, heart pain, tachycardia, vomiting. A woman may faint. Pain relievers in this situation does not help. How dangerous is dysmenorrhea? In General, Yes, as it not only can be a symptom of some fairly serious diseases, but also lead to menstrual irregularities or infertility.

How to reduce pain during menstruation

How to reduce pain during menstruationDoctors suggest that one reason for the pain is a hormonal imbalance. In addition, pain during menstruation are due to diseases of the nervous system or urogenital organs, the uterus or rudimentary uterus, has the inflection, inflammation, cicatricial stenosis of cervix, tumors, cysts. In that case, if the pain is irregular, they can appear due to the reduction of the pain threshold that is caused by psychological or physical stress.

Pain during menstruation, of course, painful. And, in order to get rid of them, we take painkillers, and seems to feel much better. But a month passes, and again all repeats. Surprising, because using painkilling medicines we remove the pain, but do not eliminate its cause. So before you take pills, it is advisable to undergo an examination with a doctor and make sure that pain is not the result of a disease. If the disease is not detected and pain caused by malposition of the uterus or some other reason, you should try to reduce them without using medicines. This, for example, can be a hot footbath and a diet low in fat and sugar. Help reduce pain during menstruation teas of raspberry and mint, alternating warm and cold sitz baths, physical exercises.

If pain symptoms continue and do not decrease, you can take painkillers such as No-Spa, analgin, aspirin, solpadein, ibuprofen. The soreness usually disappear in women regularly taking birth control pills. Help to reduce severe pain chocolate and bananas.

Overall, the universal remedy to reduce pain, in this case, no. Each of us chooses your most appropriate in a given situation, the way. In short, it is not necessary to exhaust itself, stoically withstanding pain during menstruation, they are not something inevitable and necessary. And pain themselves, and their constant expectation very adversely affect the psyche and health, and on relationships with others. We therefore need to strive to get rid of them in the first place, of course, consult your doctor. This will allow you to exclude or confirm the presence of some diseases and help you choose the method of anesthesia.

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