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Pain in Breasts during menstruation

Many women are concerned about the question: why do sore Breasts before menstruation? Often this phenomenon is associated with symptoms of serious illness. However, in most cases it is not, and discomfort are just a manifestation of physiological changes in the female body, is characteristic of a particular phase of the menstrual cycle.

Causes of breast pain before menstruation

According to statistics, unpleasant sensations in the mammary glands before the onset of menstruation suffering women 9 out of 10. During this period, the breast swells and increases, there is a heaviness and feeling of swelling in the chest.

Thus the body of women of childbearing age expresses its readiness to lactation, that is why the pain occur just before ovulation, approximately on the 12th — 14th day of the cycle. This is due to the increased production of estrogens, typical for this period.

As a place for locating these female hormones the adipose tissue, therefore, while enhanced production estrogens occurs and a temporary increase in the volume of this tissue; the breast becomes more dense and slightly increases in size. The difficulty of blood circulation in the Breasts, it leads to swelling of its tissues; hence the pain.

Every woman they can be expressed in different ways, it depends on many factors affecting the condition of a hormonal background (age, physical health, lifestyle and so on)

Symptoms pain in breast during menstruation

– for one or two weeks before menstruation, the Breasts enlarge and starts to hurt, have a sense of swelling and heaviness in Breasts;

– possible tingling in your chest, without pronounced pain; but the chest is also slightly enlarged and condensed;

– some women have sore nipples before my period, due to increased blood flow and is also one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome;

– often pain in the chest combined with aching or drawing pains in the abdomen;

– usually these feelings are especially amplified for 2-3 days before menstruation

How to alleviate pain in breast during menstruation?

Discomfort associated with premenstrual pain, often so severe that prevents to lead a normal lifestyle. There are a number of ways to alleviate symptoms of PMS:

– put a hot water bottle with warm water on the abdomen or take a warm (not hot!) bath;

– refrain from Smoking and use of alcohol during that period;

– eliminate from the diet of black teas, coffee and spicy and salty food;

– give preference to vegetable diet, and drink natural juices;

– take the second half of the cycle of supplements containing magnesium;

– avoid hypothermia; dress warmly before you go outside;

– stress is one of the factors that affect the hormonal balance;

– less nervous, drink soothing herbal teas;

– if the pain is too pronounced, do not self-medicate with analgesics, and refer to a specialist as it may be a deviation from the norm and be a symptom of serious illness.

Causes of pain in breast during menstruation

Pain in Breasts during menstruation - causes and treatmentBecause before menstruation occurs a proliferation of the glandular tissue of the breast, then it takes time to restore its normal state. It is this period, are days of menstruation; usually several days to return to normal enough, and the end of the month the pain go away.

Other causes of pain during menstruation:

– gynecological diseases last but not least declare themselves pain and inflammatory processes in the mammary glands;

– hormone imbalance: it may not necessarily relate to the gynecological field, but in any case requires a thorough medical examination

If the breast stopped hurting before menstruation

It happens that breast pain is stop a few days before menstruation. First of all, the phenomenon means the absence of pregnancy, as increased production of progesterone — hormone responsible for lactation — as a rule, only increases the discomfort in his chest.

If my chest hurts at different times of the menstrual cycle

First of all, in this case a sufficiently high probability of pregnancy, as increasing female hormones, as has been said, in the first place affect the state of the mammary glands. Perhaps the reason lies in the tension or the inflammation of the chest muscles, or usual delay menstruation, frequent colds or hypothermia.

At the same time, such symptomatology may be cause for concern and immediate treatment to a doctor because such deviations may be hiding a serious illness:

– breast (benign tumors in the breast, in the absence of timely treatment can lead to breast cancer);

– ectopic pregnancy;

– infectious disease or inflammatory processes in the breast;

– breast cancer.

Breast Pain – causes

Pain and other unpleasant sensations in the Breasts are not always one of the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome.

This may hide some of the disease that requires careful medical examinations to prevent the development of more serious illnesses:

– a disease of the breast that can lead to malignancies;

– ovarian dysfunction;

– irregularities in the thyroid, liver and other internal organs;

– gynecological disorders

If necessary, you will order laboratory tests for hormones and tumor markers, as well as conduct ultrasonic examination of the breast and pelvic organs, and then, if necessary, prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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