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Pain in the side of the child

Many parents are faced with a situation, when suddenly there was a pain in the side of the child. Often attacks of pain may occur during exercise, when the kid running after the ball, long goes briskly or performing simple exercises. If the child has a sore side and rarely occasionally and when this pain is momentary, the reasons may be quite harmless, but in other cases can cause this kind of pain can and diseases of different organs. Therefore, to ignore the pain in her side the child should not be – let’s deal.

The child Has pain on my left side

Let’s talk first about harmless, more precisely, about the physiological causes of pain.

Spasms of the abdominal muscles. Discomfort in the left side can occur when a muscular partition called the diaphragm, which helps us to breathe, not getting enough oxygen, which leads to disturbances in its functioning. This is the cause of the child a sharp pain in my side when exercising. That is, if the diaphragm or muscles on his stomach begin to tense and unwind a short convulsive jerks (spasms occur), have pain in my side. Therefore, if the child has pain on my left side when doing sports, then perhaps this is merely a result of active work of the abdominal muscles that put pressure on the internal organs. In this case, no special treatment is required. But to take some measures still have. Before beginning physical activity must give the child a warm up which will help to prepare the muscles for exertion. Also useful to do exercises aimed at stretching the muscles, it will strengthen them and make it more elastic. Furthermore try to physical activity has become a daily habit for your child, and not a rare episode that causes attacks of pain. And of course should not fatigue the child, all physical activity should correspond to its age and ability.

The child Has pain on my left sideBut the reason that the child has pain on my left side, there may be various diseases of internal organs. In the left side are located the vital organs, particularly the pancreas, spleen, bowel loops and left lobe of the diaphragm. To determine the body, causing pain in the side of the child, the doctor will be able, after palpirovanie, inspection and necessary tests.

Diseases of the spleen. If problems with the spleen, with a light pressure of the fingers on the area of its placement, the pain will intensify. The reason for the pain could lie in the enlargement of the spleen or in the stretching of the splenic capsule.

bowel Diseases. the Pain in your side can give and intestines, for example, when gas buildup or inflammation. Especially noticeable pain in my left side when in the intestines inflammation develops. In this case, you may also experience diarrhea or constipation, found mucus and blood in the stool and fever.

diseases of the stomach. In the area of the left side is the stomach, and if there are problems, then the child will feel pain. If the child has a sore side, precisely because of stomach problems, then the cause may be overeating, excessive consumption of sweets, fizzy drinks and other “harmful” food. In some cases, pain in the side is a harbinger of developing gastritis.

Therefore, if the pain in my side is not caused by strenuous physical activity or pain in the side does not pass after a couple weeks of training, you will certainly should consult a doctor for examination of the child. You should also immediately seek medical help if:

  • the pain does not stop after bowel movement
  • the child has a fever
  • acute pain
  • the pain does not pass more than three hours.

In these situation you should not attempt self-medication, as this can only hurt the baby. It is especially dangerous to give your child laxatives, when his sore side. As if the cause of pain lies not in the accumulation of gas in the stomach, as in appendicitis, a laxative may lead to rupture of the Appendix.

Why does it hurt right side of the baby?

Often babies first years of life can not pinpoint where they hurt. When pain in the abdomen, the child is restless, cranky, refuses to eat and is crying. Often the baby is in the pose with the crossed legs to the stomach. Baby straining and can spit up or even vomit. Abdominal muscles the child tense. If the cause of such a state is not in acute surgical diseases, it is the child most likely infant colic.

Appendix. a Fairly common and dangerous cause sore right side of the child, is appendicitis. In this case, the pain is initially felt at the top or in the navel area, and then moves down. There is vomiting and nausea, slightly elevated temperature, diarrhea occurs. In this condition the child is unable to lie on her side.

Dyskinesia of bile ducts. the disease often occurs in children.

diseases of the internal organs. on the right side of the person the various organs, in particular the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, intestinal tract, the right lobe of the diaphragm. So actually the causes of pain in the right side can be quite a lot: pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, etc.

Worms. This is a serious problem often remains unnoticed for a long time can cause distress to the child. Diseases such as enterobiasis (defeat the pinworm) and Ascaris (the incidence of Ascaris cause pain in different areas of the abdomen, and in particular in his right side.

Therefore, in cases of repeated occurrence of pain in the side of the child you must consult the doctor and undergo further testing to determine the exact cause.

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