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Painful Menstrual Periods

Almost all girls and women experience unpleasant and sometimes painful sensations in the lower abdomen shortly before the onset of menstruation or during menstruation. Do not worry about this, as this is normal. During menstruation there is an allocation of the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium), which rejected each month, if the woman is not pregnant. Uterus trying to get rid of unnecessary content starts to decline, which causes discomfort in the stomach.

Pain during menstruation – is this normal?

Experience pain during menstruation is normal, if the pain is not strong, do not prevent to maintain your routine and don’t last long.

However, if because of pain you can’t work or study, it could be a warning signal. Gynecologists called strong pain during menstruation with the term “dysmenorrhea“. Dysmenorrhea can be a symptom of some gynecological diseases.

Why is there dysmenorrhea?

Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) can be caused by many different reasons. Sometimes it is a feature of the body, sometimes hormonal imbalance, sometimes the result of diseases of the ovaries or the uterus.

What diseases can cause pain during menstruation?

Severe pain during menstruation occur in the following diseases:

  • Endometriosis
  • Adenomyosis
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Uterine Polyps
  • Ectopic pregnancy

Can stress cause pain during menstruation?

Yes. Your psychological state has a strong influence not only on the menstrual cycle itself, but also on your well-being during menstruation. So, if you are experiencing prolonged emotional stress, you may experience pain during menstruation.

In which case I need to go to the doctor?

Lower abdominal pain can indicate a very serious problem, and the delay in treatment sometimes compromises your health, even life. Immediately contact your gynecologist if:

  • Your period and abdominal pain lasted more than a week
  • Abdominal Pain unbearable
  • Abdominal Pain accompanied by profuse menstruation
  • You Have increased body temperature
  • Before you have never had pain during menstruation
  • You suspect that You are pregnant

How to get rid of abdominal pain during menstruation?

Painful Menstrual Periods: Causes, Symptoms and TreatmentsPain can be treated not only with medication, but also various treatments that relax the uterus, eliminating spasm.


Heat relaxes the uterus and reduces its reduction. Often to get rid of pain during menstruation helps simple warm water bottle or a bottle with warm water. Just apply heat to the stomach and a little lie down.


Warm relaxing bath is very effective in alleviating abdominal pain. The heat relaxes the uterine muscles and soothes your nerves. Even a warm shower will have a positive effect.

Pain medication tablets

When abdominal pain during menstruation, it is recommended to take a pill Dipyrone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen or Ketoprofen (Ketonal). These drugs reduce the level of prostaglandin in the uterus, eliminating its strong contraction and pain. You can take these pills as long as it takes (sometimes for several days). Some doctors suggest to start taking painkillers a few days before the start of menstruation. Before you take the medicine and read the directions.


If you often feel nervous, pain during menstruation can be caused is “troubled” by the nervous system. In this case, even a simple Valerian will help to cope with abdominal pain.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) help to significantly weaken or even get rid of pain during menstruation. After a few months of birth control pills many women get rid of abdominal pain and other unpleasant effects of menstruation. Before taking birth control pills you should consult with your gynecologist.


No need to endure the pain. If home remedies cure pain during menstruation do not help, you need to ask for help to the gynecologist. If the pain is caused by diseases of the genital organs, while you do not cure this disease – the pain will not go away.

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