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Pancreatitis in children

In recent years, physicians are increasingly faced with problems of the digestive system in children. One of them is chronic pancreatitis.

This disease of the pancreas is inflammatory in nature. Pancreatitis cause various reasons, including genetically caused or associated with the pathology of other organs and systems. A role in disease development can play an unhealthy diet, when not taken into account the age of the child and related features menu and mode of the day.

It is also important what kind of atmosphere surrounds the baby. The situation can be aggravated if the baby is growing in the nervous atmosphere, whether in the family or in a kindergarten. Of course, if doctors determined the child pancreatitis, this does not mean that the fault is certainly close, because fed the baby wrong. In fairness I should say that kids sometimes get sick and most caring parents.

Causes of pancreatitis in children

Causes of pancreatitis in childrenHowever, it is not only individual characteristics. European pediatricians and pediatric gastroenterologists do not accidentally attributed the rise in diseases of the pancreas with drastic changes in diet and lifestyle that have occurred in the last decade.

While in Europe almost simultaneously there appeared various novelties in the world called fast food. In the USA this kind of products began to appear in the sale gradually, since 30-ies of the last century. People consistently recognized the true nutritional value and negative properties of each of these innovations and tried to exercise reasonable care. And cautious was why: “fast food” contained an excess of fat, sugar, salt, and various flavors, flavor enhancers, Smoking materials and other harmless for children supplements.

On us all fell overnight, and we involuntarily, the best of intentions, put their children in jeopardy. Because these ersatz so tempting, brightly packaged, all – in ready! And then there’s advertising. The first sounded the alarm nutritionists, who did not get tired to repeat, that children need a natural healthy home-cooked food, not the ersatz with additives. This is especially true for kids with digestive problems.

What to do if chronic pancreatitis in a child became a reality?
It depends on the parents very much, because the basis of treatment of diseases is the diet, and to comply with all its requirements have much stricter than in other diseases. Pancreatitis does not forgive errors. And the kid should not only survive but to grow, to develop, to learn, to communicate with their peers. Hence, its power supply should be adequate.

The pancreas is unique and irreplaceable, it cannot be removed as an Appendix.
The only way to live in harmony. Loving mother to despair: cannot fatty, fried – in any case, not cold, spicy, and sour, sweet sharply limited. Is to break the ban. As the disease immediately punishes innocent toddler abdominal pain, nausea. Inflamed pancreas is forced to speak the language of pain, she cannot differently to warn of danger. So we are going to observe safety precautions.

Prevention of pancreatitis in children

Prevention of pancreatitis in childrenIt is worth thinking about spiritual harmony of the child. Experienced doctors sometimes called pancreatitis disease of domestic turmoil. Children deeply experiencing family conflict, although sometimes do not understand the essence of what is happening. The baby cannot speak, to pour out their feelings, but because emotions are accumulated, and an explosion occurs inside the body. Often this is reflected in spasm of the bile ducts and pancreatic ducts. So begins pancreatitis.

Why not all kids are the same stress? Trouble looking for a weak spot in the body, and each child of their own. If we accept this point of view, it becomes clear that pancreatitis in children is often over the years passes, and health gradually recovers. Just a consistent diet does not give the disease to produce significant changes in the pancreas. So rest assured, your efforts to correct nutrition of the child will be rewarded!

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