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Perleche or which restores stomatitis (Angola) is not only a cosmetic defect. In particular, the emergence perleche clearly indicates the presence of infection in the body. If you do not treat such pathology, on the skin around the mouth may form crusts and bleeding ulcers, causing a rather unpleasant feeling. Fighting this problem is not always simple, and it depends on the reasons that caused it.

Causes Perleche:

  • Vitamin Deficiency when the body lacks vitamin B2. While peeling and crusts occur in the corners of the mouth, on the wings of the nose. Burning sensation, weakness and lack of appetite accompany the appearance of pathology
  • An overbite is when the skin of the corners of the mouth is maximally in contact with saliva
  • Diseases of teeth and gums
  • Excessive use of sour, spicy foods
  • Improper care of denture, it is the wrong size
  • Wont to lick your lips and take in a mouth various subjects
  • Dry skin
  • Overheating and hypothermia
  • Antibiotics and hormone drugs
  • HIV infection
  • Diabetes

Often perleche can be confused by the formations on the skin of the lips caused by a herpes. But it will be wrong. It is characterized by rash in the form of watery blisters on any area of the lips or near them on the face, which restores the sores – sores that appear in the corners of the mouth.

Perleche Treatment

Fast cure for perleche in the corners of the mouth can be the case if the exact cause of their appearance. During treatment should:

  • to Use the simplest hygienic lipstick (to combat dryness of the skin around the mouth)
  • to Stop licking the lips
  • to Remove from the diet all sharp, sour, salty
  • In the menu should include foods rich in vitamin B2 and iron. These include: cabbage, liver, meat, dairy products, potatoes, nuts
  • to Use vitamin complex
  • to Abandon Smoking and alcohol use

Treat the disease with medication (General and local), with the help of vitamin therapy, and home remedies.

Drugs for the treatment of Perleche

For the treatment at any pharmacy you can buy Fukortsin. This ointment has not only antimicrobial but also antifungal activity. You need to use it 2-3 times a day, spreading the problem areas.

Such a drug applies if Angola has no infectious origin.

Streptococcal perleche respond well to treatment ointments with antibiotics, which selectively destroy disease-causing microbes. But to assign such a tool needs specialist, based on laboratory tests. As a rule, for the treatment of Angelita in this case, applied the liniment of syntomycin and eritromicin ointment.

IPerleche treatmentf perleche caused by the fungus Candida, use Nystatin ointment. Or for a more powerful therapeutic effect — sergealicious ointment that should be used together with nystatin or levorina inside.

The course of treatment which restores stomatitis need to Supplement vitamin products that contain large amounts of vitamins PP, B, And C. This multivitamin means you need to drink 30 days.

For quick healing of wounds and cracks you can carefully brush them vitamin oils, but not in the acute phase of the disease.

In many cases quickly cure perleche in the corners of the mouth, on the lips can help Vishnevsky ointment. When using need to make sure that it does not hit on the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Treatment of perleche in children

Causes perleche children, as a rule, is a microbial factor. They are able to cause Allergy or pathological processes in the organism of the child.

On the surface of the skin of children live fungi and streptococci, which are at lower immunity can cause dryness, cracks and sores in the corners of the mouth and on the lips.

To cure perleche the child can approach the problem comprehensively. Not to forget that it is necessary to treat not the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

Before you apply the drug on the skin should be washed with warm water and blotting motion to dry. The procedure is best performed 2-3 times a day after meals.

When the reason perleche unknown, some funds should be combined.

Treatment of Perleche in children is to use:

  • Fukortsin, brilliant green, potassium permanganate solution
  • Tetracycline ointment
  • Sintomitsin ointment
  • Antifungal creams (clotrimazole, lamisil)
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs (Hixson, TimesTen)
  • Antibacterial and wound-healing drugs (levoxyl, methyluracil)

To enhance the therapeutic effect, both adults and children designate funds to strengthen the immune system, multivitamin complexes.

The best ointment for treatment of perleche is capable of only a short time to get rid of Angelica, if not to observe elementary rules of hygiene and not to eat well.

Home remedies for treatment Perleche

There are many folk remedies that help to get rid of the problem. The most famous is the use earwax. In addition, great help in perleche applying juice from the leaves of aloe, celandine, plantain, garlic.

To ease symptoms during the day is necessary to lubricate the skin around the mouth olive oil. Well heals wounds and cracks vaseline, apply which should be at night.

Lubricating perleche essential oils such as tea tree oil or rose oil, to get rid of the disease. Soaked in a tampon means you need to make is often to problem areas.

A decoction of oak bark has astringent and disinfectant action. Gadgets ease the condition of wounds, reduce inflammation. Well established med in which it is desirable to lubricate the affected skin for the night.

Any home remedy is not recommended in the acute phase of the disease.

Angular Cheilitis (Perleche) + angular cheilitis treatment

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  • I have been suffering with AC for 2 months, I’ve tried everything that did not work. Honey was the only relief that helped. It’s at the point that causes pain and extremely dry lips that crack daily!! I am constantly peeling dead skin off my lips. I did take B Complex, but stopped when my Doctor sent Hydrocortisone Acetate, this made it worse, also tried Polysporin (didn’t help) Many home remedies (Aloe, Shae butter, Vitamin E Oil, Vaseline) failed. Honey is the only relief so far. Thank you for your advise, I will try the Canesten Cream and let you know.

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