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Pneumonia in children

The early childhood pneumonia is a common and dangerous complication of influenza and acute respiratory diseases. But pneumonia can occur on its own, due to such pathogens as bacteria or fungi.

Predisposing factors for pneumonia include immunosuppression, malnutrition ( vitamin deficiency ), severe hypothermia, etc.

Symptoms of childhood pneumonia

In pneumonia the child becomes restless, eats, sleeps little. He has a fever with chills, and sometimes with sweating, you cough, you hear heavy breathing: up to 2 months. – 60 or more respiratory movements ( need to read or sign in or exhale ), from 2 months. Before the year is 50 or more.

Treatment of pneumonia in childrenThe body runs out of oxygen, so there is blue around the eyes and nasolabial triangle. But keep in mind that in children during the first months of life, the temperature may be normal, but the cough is non-permanent.

Treatment of pneumonia in children

If all signs point to the fact that the child develops pneumonia, seek medical attention immediately. In any case, do not treat the baby home remedies! He must be under the supervision of a specialist until such time as completed in the inflammatory process in the lungs.

The basic method of treatment of pneumonia – antibiotics. Rubbing the chest balm with eucalyptus oil. Cough prescribe expectorants drugs. Perhaps the doctor decides to put the baby in the hospital. Do not give up – there baby will make the procedure that cannot be done at home.

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