Conception of a child

Poses for conception

For anybody not a secret that in the conception of a baby is always involved two male and his female. In addition, according to modern scholars, not only from the total number of sexual acts and certain days, but also poses significantly affect the result of the conception.

Posture during intercourse and favourable conditions for conception
Poses for conceptionIndeed, to conceive a baby expecting parents shown continuous, more precisely, a regular sex life. But try not to have sex more often than once every two days or every other day.
As is known, favorable period for successful conception are considered for five days prior to ovulation in women and the first day after its occurrence.
In addition, it is imperative to take into consideration that a healthy man’s sperm can be active up to seventeen hours, which are the most appropriate period for conception.

Relative positions optimal for conception of the child, it should be noted that, according to sexologists, when choosing the best positions for conception should be avoided, leak seminal fluid. In addition, the main task poses – as much as possible close physical contact partners. Thus, man’s sperm freely get into a woman’s body and fertilized the egg.

In addition, when choosing a POS take into account one important and at the same time, the main rule is always to do only that will bring pleasure to both partners.

If, for example, a certain posture partner does not approve, and the woman feels discomfort, it is clear that we should not attempt to regularly use it, because the expectant mother should not be nervous or worried. Because of this, it can cause problems with conceiving a child.

Moreover, none of the partners do not need to rush anywhere and fuss, thinking that sex is needed only for the conception of the child, and to ignore everything happening around and just have fun.
In addition, it is not recommended to perform intercourse in the water in the pool, the bathroom or in the bath.
Not before conception to drink alcohol.
After sex you should not immediately get up and wash – at least a little rest, relax and talk about something pleasant.
Poses for conception

Advice of doctors: how to conceive a healthy baby
It turns out that there is even a kind of Kamasutra for conception of the child, which includes certain positions and recommendations on their use.

The so-called missionary position (woman from below, and her partner – top). Is the most optimal for a successful conception, because in this position the male semen instantly penetrates neposredsvenno in the cervix of the female partner. Moreover, in this position, as in no other, the sperm enters the uterus greater than in the other positions.

The pose of “the man in the back, while the woman lies on her side”.

how to conceive a healthy babyThe position called “dogs-style” (when a woman, on her knees, takes to itself the man behind).
In addition, today, developed recommendations on the correct selection of poses for the successful implementation of conception taking into account the physiological characteristics of the female partner.

If a woman has a bend of a uterus, then for conception it will fit directly in the knee-elbow position, that is, “the man behind”.

When the cervix is the part of the follower is placed slightly above or, on the contrary, slightly below the uterus, it is highly desirable position where the woman lies on her back and the man is on top.

If women during pregnancy planning is an acute or chronic inflammation of the ovaries, uterus, may be slightly rotated in some from the sides. In this case, we recommend choosing the position at which the woman will lie on that side, where and rotated her womb.

If the woman has a small uterus, during intercourse it should be placed under the buttocks of a small pillow, squeeze the knees as much as possible to his chest, and his legs slightly raised. Thus, a man will get full access to the cervix.

And finally, in no case do not focus exclusively on the futures conceiving a baby. Obsessive thoughts about the desire or the inability to become pregnant, about the future of the child is not the most suitable thoughts to sex. They can contribute to nervous tension and stress that absolutely does not lead to conception. It is necessary to think about a great love, to be themselves and behave calmly. And then, according to psychologists, the desired result will not keep itself waiting.

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