Pregnancy and Beer

Many young women like beer and even think this drink is a useful source of vitamins. Why moms so often the question arises whether it is possible to drink beer during pregnancy? Forced to disappoint you: doubt not in vain, because we are talking about an alcoholic beverage, which, moreover, not always can be called natural.

  • Among the harmful substances that enter into the composition of beer is not only alcohol, but also cobalt salts, and many other additives that are harmful to both mom and baby.
  • Any alcoholic beverage, including beer, affects the development of the child, which is especially dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Beer is prohibited for pregnant women as stringently as non-Smoking.

How beer affects the body pregnant?

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, especially among young people. It’s sad, because in large quantities it is detrimental impact on the state, both male and female body.

His influence is due to hormonal changes that occur with frequent consumption of beer. It makes men more feminine because it blocks the secretion of testosterone and promotes the development of female hormones.

In women, however, the reverse process – start to dominate the male hormones. In addition, it increases the likelihood of cancer.

Beer affects the brain, liver, and stomach, leads to a weakening of the heart. For anybody not a secret that its members now began to add more compounds of cobalt, to give a foam fluffiness.

These elements are also a bad influence on the body and can lead to future development of heart failure. Beer often makes you fat because it contains substances that increase appetite.

Pregnancy and Beer

The pregnant woman’s body is unpredictable. The question arises whether it is possible to drink beer during pregnancy, and how this drink can affect the condition of the expectant mother and baby?

It is known that the consumption of beer, especially in the first and third trimester, can lead to tragic consequences: disorders and deformities in your baby. The main negative effects of beer is that it has the ability to cause intrauterine growth retardation. If the expectant mother drinks it often, the child may even die.

Doctors strongly recommend to refrain from this drink during pregnancy so as not to jeopardize his health and future baby.

Many moms are interested in the question about non-alcoholic beer. The prefix “No” in this case gives hope that the harmful substances in this beer there, and it is drinkable. However, all is not so simple. In fact, the nonalcoholic beer contains some alcohol, because it is cooked with yeast.

But the main danger is not a yeast, and chemical additives, which are part of the drink. Thus, non-alcoholic beer will be even more dangerous than usual, so during pregnancy it is better to abandon any of its varieties.

Wrong is the notion that beer is a valuable source of vitamins. The harm of this drink significantly exceeds the benefit, so the question, is it possible to drink beer during pregnancy, experts give an unequivocal “No”answer.

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