Pregnancy: Boy or Girl

During pregnancy the expectant mother is concerned about a number of issues. One of the most common: How to know the Gender of Your Baby – Girl or Boy?

Medical Method – Boy or Girl

Modern moms are increasingly turning to this this miracle of medicine. The procedure is not complicated, and on the 16th week of pregnancy (sometimes earlier) you can know the sex of the unborn child. The information is confirmed after two screenings, special surveys conducted during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. But these studies do not give an absolute guarantee that someone will be born. There are many cases where expectant mother, the ultrasound results, waited for his son, and gave birth eventually the daughter and Vice versa. You have to take into account the fact that the fetus may close or look away, and then to determine its gender will not be possible. Parents, not having full confidence in the accurate ultrasounds are plenty of ways to determine the gender of the baby.

Independent Methods – Boy or Girl

1. Update blood: at men blood is updated every 4 years, women – every 3 years (of course, faster, due to monthly blood loss). Believe whose blood later at the time of conception, and that “give” your gender heir. During major operations, blood loss, transfusions, donation and availability of the birth – age of blood is considered from these events, and not from birth.

2. According to the formula: 49 – father’s age +1 + maternal age + 3 = ?

If an even number – boy, odd – girl. The figures in the original had some significance-interpretation, but alas, in a few years I lost the source, so leave it as that – maybe when I do, I will add, why 49 and why the “plus three”.

3. If year conception and age mother at the time of conception are both even or odd numbers – it’s a girl, if different parity – boy.

4. If the heart rate of the baby at 12-14 week more than 140 beats per minute, then most likely it’s a girl; less boy.

5. If the first movement of the child expectant mother feel right – boy, left – girl.

6. If the child moving actively and constantly – boy; quiet child – girl.

Test appearance pregnant:

7. Belly neat and sticks forward, waist back is kept – boy, round, spreading on the sides, seen from the back – girl.

8. Growing Belly low – boy, high a girl.

9. If the primary weight falls on the woman’s stomach, a boy; if to get fat besides thighs and buttocks – it’s a girl.

10. Pregnant girl often gaining weight more than normal, with the boy – body fat less.

11. If the stomach sticks out more on the right side – it’s a boy, if on the left girl.

12. women weighing less than 54 kg per 100 girls born 98 boys, weighing more than 54 kg a ratio of 100:110. I.e. at pre-pregnancy weight more than 54 kg of the probability to conceive a boy a little higher.

Pregnant Health:

13. the greater the toxicity, the more likely the girl is the Western version. Boys – “Foreign” organisms, with them, the toxicity is stronger so is the European theory.

14. If a pregnant haunt headaches – it’s a boy, not a girl.

15. If a pregnant woman prone to fainting and periodically losing consciousness – expecting a boy; if the senses are not deprived of the girl.

16. If a pregnant woman suffers bouts of fever – waiting for the girl, if the heat – boy.

17. If the legs of a pregnant become more hot than before pregnancy – it’s a girl, if cold or not changed – boy.

18. Swelling in the legs of a pregnant promise the birth of a boy, if not – a girl.

Skin and Hair pregnant:

19. If the “vegetation” on his feet became more abundant and grow faster than usual – will be the man, if nothing has changed – the girl.

20. Lot of stretch marks – girl, little or no – boy.

21. Appearance of spots and dark lines on the skin of the pregnant woman indicates that she is a girl; the absence of hyperpigmentation – boy.

22. If the belly began to grow thick fluff – it’s a boy, if high fluffy belly no – girl.

23. Prettier, face beaming, eyes burning, etc. – boy, her looks, got acne, puffy face, etc. – the girl “stole” beauty.

24. Dry skin – is a boy, soft and gentle – girl.

25. Fluffy and shiny hair on the head of a pregnant talking about the imminent birth of a girl, dull hair portend the birth of a boy.

Tests on the behavior of pregnant:

26. Clumsiness during pregnancy – boy, graceful movements, flying gait and ease the girl.

27. Good mood, calm – boy, mood swings, moods and nerves – girl.

28. If you prefer to sleep on your left side – the boy on the right is a girl.

29. If a pregnant demonstrates your belly and tells everyone about his “situation” is expecting a boy, if a long time hides the pregnancy – waiting for a girl.

30. Increased libido during pregnancy says about the abundance of testosterone – boy, reduced – about a girl.

Test Meal:

31. Want citrus in pregnancy – a Girl. You do not want citrus – boy.

32. Want during pregnancy, salted, marinades, etc. – boy, if during pregnancy often feel like a sweet girl.

Tests before conception:

33. If you sleep head to the North – is likely to conceive a boy, head to the South – girl

34. Diet for conception of a boy: potatoes, mushrooms, lentils, cherries, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches, dates. Diet for conception of girl: eggplant, beets, carrots, cucumbers, peas, peppers, onions, nuts.

35. The Best position for conceiving a boy – “doggy style” for girls “mission”.

36. Men predisposed to baldness and bald, more boys are born.

37. Sperm with Y-chromosome is faster, but the X-cells are more tenacious. Therefore, the probability of conceiving a boy is higher if the sexual act occurred during or after ovulation. Intercourse before ovulation is more favorable to conceive girls.

Omens and superstitions during pregnancy:

38. Hang a wedding ring on a string over the abdomen. If it swings like a pendulum, back and forth – born boy, ring swings in a circle, the girl.

39. When meeting with a pregnant little baby interested in tummy there girl. Not interested in boy.

40. If after eating of the garlic smell from a leather – boy, no – girl.

41. Show at the unexpected request, his own hands. Showed palms down – boy, up girl.

42. Eat bread with crusts crusts, and especially to the boys, preference crumb to the girls.

43. Take the key from the table at the round part to the boy, the beard and the longer part to the girl.

44. If the father gains weight during pregnancy boy if losing weight or is not responding – girl.

45. Intuition: the mother and father themselves have to be somewhere at heart to be sure who they will be born.

46. Conception in “Men’s” day of the week – Mon, Tue, Thu – to the boy. In “female” day (Wed, Sat, Sun) – it’s a girl.

47. If on ultrasound the gender of the child determine does not work when the child turned away from the instrument, the girl, is she kinda shy.

48. If during pregnancy back hurts on the left – it’s a girl, if the right – it’s a boy.

49. If the baby’s kicking in the abdomen and often “beats” the bladder – it’s a boy, if pushed at the top and goes to the liver – girl.

50. If the age of the pregnant woman less than 20 years – more likely the birth of a boy.

Gender Test during Pregnancy: Boy or Girl

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