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Pregnancy calendar: 1 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

1 week of pregnancy can be considered only tentative. In 1 week of pregnancy the expectant moms and dads are. In the first week of pregnancy, the egg is only prepared to release from the ovary. By the way, all of the eggs in a woman’s body for approximately 300 thousand for the preparation of the egg takes about 2 weeks, your body has been preparing thus the egg, so everything is going as usual.

As a woman’s body is prepared in the first week of pregnancy?

A woman’s body has been preparing for pregnancy, it began with the first appearance of menstruation, the body and will continue preparing until menstruation will not disappear, i.e. until the end of the reproductive period. Every month a woman’s body, there are complex hormonal changes, their aim is to allow a woman to become a mother. Not too much going into the details of what is happening in the expectant mothers note that all the processes leading to the synthesis of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone.

So follicle-stimulating hormone promotes maturation on the surface of ovarian follicles with the egg, and luteinizing hormone called to release the egg, so that it fell into the uterus. After the egg enters the uterus, it sticks to the inner layer of the uterus – the endometrium. If fertilization does not occur, the inner layer of the uterus together with the egg rejected as unnecessary, and menstruation occurs. And if the egg is fertilized, menstruation does not occur and it is an early indication that the woman became pregnant.

Preparing for the first week of pregnancy

And so You have seriously decided to become a mother, and we are sincerely glad for you. Now let’s together help your body prepare for pregnancy. By the way, to start preparing for pregnancy need at least 3 months up to 1 week of pregnancy.

1. The compliance as a healthy way of life, from all bad habits must be abandoned, on the acceptance of alcohol and tobacco Smoking cannot be and speeches. Very harmful and passive Smoking, so get smokers to quit or prohibit them to smoke in the apartment. Start more walk in the fresh air, better to do it all with your spouse, so You begin to teach a man to share the concern about the future of the child.

2. If You took the pill, you need them urgently to quit. Best to give up the tablets, and if need be in the appointment you drugs, you must let the doctor know about your pregnancy and to choose the most safe drugs. Remember that many drugs You used to take without prescription – can lead to abnormal development of the fetus.

3. Cautiously think about imaging studies (especially the abdomen and pelvis, only if absolutely necessary).

4. Protect yourself at work, eliminate factors such as stress, overwork, lack of sleep, malnutrition, etc.

5. Avoid colds, don’t go to places with large concentrations of people (underground halls with a large number of people) especially in autumn and spring.

6. Bypass people suffering from infectious diseases, especially measles – this may be your first child who accidentally became infected in the garden. It urgently needs to send to grandma.

7. Teach your family cares about you. If someone close to you is sick, he should wear a medical mask. A mask should be worn and You during this period.

8. Correct and vitamin-rich food. Eat garlic and onions. Eliminate strong tea and coffee. Read the article about nutrition during pregnancy. It is not recommended to cook from overwintered potatoes (can cause birth defects in the fetus), if not possible, then at least remove the skin thicker and increase the cooking time.

9. If You keep Pets, then it is time for them to visit relatives, because cats can be infected with Toxoplasma and other

10. Start taking multivitamins for pregnant women especially should be folic acid

11. The best time to visit the doctors for a routine appointment. Make an appointment at the clinic, only protect yourself from sick people.

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