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Pregnancy calendar: 10 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

The first nine weeks of pregnancy were the most critical for developing organism, as it was in this period teratogenic effects of most drugs on the fetus was the most dangerous. Therefore, we can say that with the beginning of the 10th week of pregnancy there is a new stage in the development of the baby. As a rule, stir on the tenth week of pregnancy are not observed.

The fetus at 10 weeks pregnant

The tenth week is the final week of the embryonic stage of development. To this point, the fetus is already formed tiny body, which in the next 30 weeks will drisviaty and improve. Despite the small size of the fetus at the tenth week of pregnancy, your baby is becoming similar to man: there is no tail, begin to form the fingers, arms, legs and knees, and raised upper lip and ear.

Gradually formed aperture, the first rudiments of the future of the milk teeth, formed the heart, and is an active development of the brain.

Of course, the genitals to determine so far that it is impossible, but if the developing fetus is male, the production of testosterone already started.

In erythrocytes of the fetus changes are also occurring: see agglutinogen (Rh and a, b, M, N), responsible for the blood group of the baby.

At the end of 10 weeks, the embryo has already officially become a fetus, and if during this time any anomalies in the development of crumbs is not revealed, it is possible to assert with confidence that congenital malformations he did not threaten. Now the kid can inadvertently move comfortably from the amniotic fluid inside the fetal bladder. In a short time he even starts to suck her thumb.

Woman at 10 weeks pregnant

For women the tenth week becomes the period of mood swings and excessive excitability, due to raging in her body hormones.

It is also possible manifestations of these changes in the body: the friability of the gums, enlarged thyroid gland, as well as the appearance of nodules Montgomery (small seals in the areola of the Breasts).

Belly at 10 weeks of pregnancy have a very small, almost unnoticeable.

Additionally, begins a noticeable increase in weight, although the additional kilos are more for mom than for a child. But to gain weight specifically does not follow, because most of the growth in body mass momma is carried out in the second and third trimester of pregnancy through the child grows, the weight of the mammary glands, placenta and the uterus itself.

Danger at 10 weeks pregnant

Some women continue morning nausea, abdominal pain 10 weeks pregnant and too fatigue. But it is not necessary on this occasion greatly upset, because in the next two weeks, all these symptoms will stop. Lost frequent urination (as it was in the beginning of pregnancy). However, if the pain is long and strong, you still need to go to the doctor!

Recommendations on the 10th week of pregnancy

  • At 10 weeks of pregnancy would be very useful morning and evening walk. You can also go swimming. Sports, though in a mild form, will help to make yourself throughout pregnancy extra pounds safely through childbirth and quickly return in excellent physical shape.
  • Power also need to be responsibly: there are small portions, but often, this food should be warm and bring a real pleasure mom.
  • A weighting procedure should be mandatory, and at the slightest change in weight in the lower side should immediately consult a doctor.
  • In addition, in the 1st trimester to monitor the operation (movement) of the bowel, as filled rectum exerts pressure on the uterus, and this is highly undesirable. To eliminate constipation, you can use brown bread, fresh organic (grown on the area) of fetus and vegetables rich in fiber, because the store representatives often contain a lot of “unprofitable” substances that are undesirable for the baby. Also laxative effect has cold water (boiled!!!), drunk on an empty stomach small SIPS, or yogurt, drunk on the night. However, enemas and infusions of herbs with laxative effect, even in rare cases, it is not recommended to use.
  • It is worth remembering that at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy is the first scheduled ultrasound. If equipment allows, we can observe a rather small details. Sometimes there is the opportunity to capture the first ultrasound on video or take photos of the fetus, in this case at any time the mother is given the opportunity to admire your baby.

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