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Pregnancy calendar: 11 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

In medical terminology, the previous 10 weeks were embryonic period fetal development, now it’s time for a new – fetal (fetus) period. At this time begins the clarity and focus of the movements of the fetus: in case of touching the wall of the uterus he tries to push off. The size of the fetus at 11 weeks begins to actively grow.

The fetus at 11 weeks pregnant

From the 11th until the end of the 20 weeks, the fetus will grow rapidly, respectively, and the belly on the 11th week of pregnancy will gradually increase. The head of the baby is still too great and is half the size just a tiny calf, because there is an active development of the brain. At the same time, inside the body of the baby is the development of internal organs, starts intestine, reminding her movements peristalsis. It is clear that while he had nothing to digest, but over time it will be the release of unwanted cells and amniotic fluid.

At the end of 11 weeks already begin to show primary sexual characteristics. Thorax almost formed, also continues the development of fingers and feet. Eyes crumbs still too widely spaced, and the ears are at unusually low levels. Legs are small compared with the whole body.

Gradually, thanks to the work of the kidneys, begins production of urine, which adds to the volume of amniotic fluid. At this time, the baby begins to show the first reflexes of sucking and swallowing, as well as develops the sense of smell.

With the end of the 12 weeks comes the final stage in the formation of the cardiovascular system of the fetus. And if the mother was exposed to adverse factors during this period, the baby can develop heart diseases.

The woman on the 11 weeks of pregnancy

With the beginning of the fetal period, the woman begins the process of actively burning calories due to an increased metabolism. Also increases blood volume. It should be noted and feeling at 11 weeks pregnant: you receive thirst, profuse sweating, and tested internal heat.

Changeable mood, unexplained anxiety, irritability and tearfulness is now constant companions pregnant women, to help quell that can only understanding, patient and caring husband. Typically, this is expressed through empathy, support, care, etc. However, if you resolve problems on their own cannot, it is best to seek the help of a psychologist.

The size of the uterus is already enough, now it takes up the entire pelvic area, so the woman can herself to feel. However, the perturbations on the 11th week of pregnancy is not yet tangible, and light movements in the abdomen – this is just a reduction of the intestinal loops.

Danger on the 11 weeks of pregnancy

Hormonal changes in the female body, can lead to changes in the condition of hair and nails. Some pregnant women observed their rapid growth and self-strengthening, and others Vice versa – hair and nails become weak, brittle and lifeless. But whatever it was, soon after the birth of a child) all this will stop. If abdominal pain 11 weeks pregnant, you must consult a doctor.

Recommendations on the 11th weeks of pregnancy

  • In addition to damage hair and nails pregnant women, in the case of malnutrition, can threaten the destruction of the teeth, especially if they have not been treated before pregnancy. Therefore, in addition to special preparations rich in fluorine and calcium, mums should adhere to proper balanced diet, in which the focus is on dairy products such as cottage cheese, cheese, cheese, because all dairy products are a major supplier of calcium, which will be useful not only mother, but also growing inside her body.
  • During a normal pregnancy to 11 weeks, the woman disappears weakness and fatigue. If her condition continues to prevail fatigue – this can be the first signs of low hemoglobin. Therefore, you should perform a blood test to check iron levels in the blood. If there is a deficiency, you need to include in your diet of iron-containing products (liver, grenades etc). And, of course, should refrain from visiting places of the big congestion of people, because this is where you can pick up any infection that is not the best way affect the child’s development.

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