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Pregnancy calendar: 12 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

The twelfth week of the final in the first trimester. Now the problem of toxicity, torturing pregnant women during the last 5-7 weeks gone, but over time many of them will consider it the most happy. Sensations on week 12 of pregnancy is much more pleasant mood moms improves, and life gradually comes into his rut.

Fetus at 12 weeks pregnant

To week 12 of the brain of a child is almost completed and resembles a miniature brain of an adult. At this point, all the basic rudiments of the body has already been laid, and now they are improving.

So, on the tiny fingers begin to form the first signs of the nails.
The skeleton of a child going through a phase of ossification, when formed bone substance. His tiny body appear the first signs of hair. The genitals of the baby also has reached the size required to accurately determine its sex, but stirrings still not felt.

Thymus (thymus) the child is functioning as a Mature body, making lymphoid stem cells in it are moving in T-lymphocytes, which in the future will be to fight infection. In addition, the baby has already formed the thyroid gland, which itself synthesizes itteration, and regulates metabolic processes, ensure the growth and development of tissues, hormones produced by it. The size of the fetus at 12 weeks of pregnancy is approximately 6 see

The woman at 12 weeks pregnant

With the advent of the 12 weeks moms can breathe a sigh of relief, because it means not only the end of morning sickness in the form of nausea and vomiting, but also reducing the risk of spontaneous abortion, because miscarriages happen, basically, up to 12 weeks. In addition, women receive the opportunity to listen to the heartbeat of your baby.

Belly at 12 weeks of pregnancy is slowly beginning to grow. Now the uterus increased in size, which is slightly lifted up in the abdominal cavity. The uterus is very elastic, so the pregnancy can stretch and increase in volume up to 1000 times, and after 1.5 – 2 months after birth (which is a relatively short period of time) are able to return to its normal state.

On ultrasound at week 12 gynecologist could conceivably, but with greater accuracy, to determine the date of the upcoming birth. In the meantime, the heartbeat moms considerably quickens, and gradually poured into the chest, causing discomfort in the form of small gravity.

Danger on the 12th week of pregnancy

Typical of the 12th week of pregnancy is the appearance of hyperpigmentation of the skin, expectant mothers. Thus, in the belly of a pregnant woman may appear dark brown longitudinal stripes. Brown spots can appear on the face, neck and underarms, and their sizes may be different, but don’t worry, after pregnancy they will disappear.

In vessels of pregnant women also undergoes some changes, which appear as red or bluish stars, acting on the surface of the skin, most often on the hands, face, neck and chest. But this is all temporary, and after birth they will resolve themselves. If there is pain at week 12 of pregnancy, you should consult your professional doctors, and immediately.

It is possible that the 12 week will be the beginning of a periodic heartburn, which occurs due to the production by the placenta of the hormone progesterone, which, in turn, weakens the partition between the stomach and esophagus, and gastric juice can “navigate” through the esophagus, causing a burning feeling. Of course, most pregnant women the problem of heartburn is a serious place at a later time, the pressure of the uterus on the stomach. So if heartburn appeared on week 12, it is not a reason for increased attention. She’s yet to prove himself in the third trimester with a Bang.

Recommendations on the 12th week of pregnancy

12 week is the turn of the first and second trimester of pregnancy, and on the line it is extremely important to pass the first scheduled ultrasound, because now you will be able to identify possible congenital defects in the fetus and variations in its development, which at a later period it is very difficult to fix, and sometimes quite impossible. In addition, on ultrasound, the doctor can accurately determine the duration of pregnancy, however, to avoid errors and further confusion in the statement ultrasound indicates a period for the birth and midwifery.

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