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Pregnancy calendar: 13 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

The thirteenth week of pregnancy suggests that the first and the most difficult for most women the trimester ended. Now toxicosis is the problem of the past, what is happiness for pregnant women. But greater joy mom can deliver ultrasound, where you can observe the behavior of the baby, and if, moreover, will be able to capture a picture with his image (especially in 3D), you can even catch some similarities with the parents.

The fetus at 13 weeks pregnant

The baby is already formed 20 baby teeth, which erupt only closer to 8 months of life the baby out of mommy’s tummy. Also appeared the first hair. And on the tiny fingers are already prints. The body of the child gradually drawn, and now the head does not seem so big. If the length of the handles, then soon it will begin to suck the finger.
The size of the fetus at the thirteenth week of pregnancy is becoming more and he gradually becomes more clearer chin and nose.

In addition, with 13 weeks the baby begins implanting a tissue, responsible for the formation of bones, and even planned the ribs, however just a couple.

Bowel crumbs is located in the abdominal cavity, and are formed villi, which will take an active part in the digestion of food. The pancreas is capable of independently producing the hormone insulin.

Dating from the 13th week of the intrauterine development of boys and girls becomes its own individual characteristics. So, kids male begins to develop prostate – the prostate gland, and the girls in the ovaries already has more than 2 million eggs.

But what is most surprising is the fact that the kid already knows how to smile in response, thus, on my mother’s affection and voice.

The woman on the 13th week of pregnancy

With the beginning of the 13th week pregnant woman to be congratulated, as one third of this difficult path already passed. Gradually passes irritability, and with it the fear for the child’s life, is associated with spontaneous abortion, i.e., a miscarriage.

The second trimester is the most enjoyable of the whole pregnancy time, because there is no toxicity. So, it’s time to enjoy your pregnancy. In addition, many couples have come to the conclusion that it is in the second trimester there is an increased sexual attraction to the partner, which also may not deliver pleasure. Before the birth of a child even more than 5 months, but in the chest is probably starts producing colostrum is the nourishing fluid, which is the main food for a newborn baby while the mom will not come milk.

Now weight gain women became visible, as if before the nausea was caused by an aversion to food, and now the appetite moms, due to the rapid growth of the child, was rather increased, respectively belly on the 13th week of pregnancy will begin to grow rapidly.

Danger on the 13th week of pregnancy

Feelings on the 13th week of pregnancy is quite controversial. On the one hand everything is getting better, but it is a 13 week, usually shows quite common in pregnant women, the disease – candidiasis (thrush). The cause of yeast are fungi candida species. In a passive state they live in every human body. But when it crashes immunity and stress (which is so susceptible pregnant women) start to become active and multiply, displacing the normal microflora.

Thrush is the cause of sudden itching and cheesy white discharge, which cause a lot of discomfort. But the rush to self-medicate is not worth it, better to take advice of a doctor, who will tell you which medications to choose not to harm the baby.

Recommendations on the 13th week of pregnancy

  • Since 13 weeks should be very cautious about food products, as excessive sweets and starchy foods (butter) products will lead to excess weight gain, but this is not what neither mother nor child. It is better to give preference to fresh berries – blueberries, cranberries, cranberry, sea-buckthorn. They are also sweet, but benefit from them much more.
  • In addition, you can think about the special courses to prepare for childbirth. This, by the way, it is better to do together with your spouse, because the obtained information will bring a couple, will allow men to better understand the current state of women, as well as teach proper breathing techniques and exercises for expectant mothers that are most commonly performed in pairs.

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