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Pregnancy calendar: 14 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

With the beginning of the 14th week of pregnancy begin to recede problems such as toxic effects of drugs and infections on the developing fetus. Now Smoking earlier (in the first trimester) some medications you can take, not fearing for the life of the baby. Belly at 14 weeks of pregnancy is rounded and the mother only warmer.

The fetus at 14 weeks pregnant

14 week the baby’s face continues to take shape: the distance between the eyes is gradually reduced, although they are still tight for centuries, began to emerge ears, cheeks and nose. Now the child can not only suck my thumb and smile and grimace – frowning and squinting.

The size of the fetus at the fourteenth week already 11.5 cm, and by the end of the week children’s hands will be proportional to the whole body, but the legs for this is yet to grow.

With 14 weeks in the liver of the child starts to independently develop the bile, and the production of red blood cells (RBCs) will implement the spleen crumbs. At the same time continue the development of all internal organs.

14 week old baby is able to produce urine that is released into the amniotic fluid. Another feature of the 14th week, the respiratory movements are performed by kid whose frequency is 40-70 per minute.

The woman on the 14th week of pregnancy

Very often the 14th week of pregnancy is called the beginning of the “Golden period of pregnancy” (which lasts up to 26 weeks), because at this point, the body women was already adapt to the occurred changes, and the kid actively moves, grows and develops.

Now a woman can feel much better and more energetic than it was in the early stages of pregnancy. The uterus continues to increase in volume due to the rapid growth of the baby, and abdomen gradually rounded. So wear loose becomes the first friend mom already up to the birth.

Some women spending most of their time on their feet, the doctor may recommend to wear a special bandage for pregnant women.

Due to the active development of the baby on the 14th week of muscle fibers, mums need to include in your diet foods rich in protein. Also, most pregnant women 14 week is associated with increased appetite (and even gluttony), which does not leave them even at night. But you should try to trick your body by eating at night, the maximum light fruits or vegetables.

Danger on the 14th week of pregnancy

With 14 weeks can begin to change the skin of pregnant women, namely education or changing moles and birthmarks. From this sensation on the 14th week of pregnancy is not very favorably affect the mood of the mother.

Papilloma (soft warts can vary in size (if you already had prior to pregnancy) or grow, and birthmarks to darken or change its size. Therefore, in the case of changes to existing structures in the skin, you need to show them to a doctor to identify the causes associated with them.

Sometimes pregnant women receive the HPV – warts in the anus or vagina, the formation of which is associated with human papilloma virus. This issue also should consult a specialist. HPV can complicate pregnancy, and also the coming generations, because it can become quite large, clogging the birth canal, which prevents childbirth. But the most unpleasant thing here is that childbirth can infect a newborn baby with this virus.

HPV can and should be treated, and for this purpose there are a variety of methods: conventional and laser surgery, cauterization, freezing and processing of special drugs. But if HPV were detected before pregnancy, the better, of course, not to delay treatment and to start immediately, because some of the methods of treatment of genital warts is not advisable during pregnancy, besides the presence of condylomas distorts scraping smear.

In case pulls the stomach 14 week it is immediately necessary to seem to the doctor.

Recommendations on the 14th week of pregnancy

  • A pregnant woman should not limit yourself in household chores, especially if they give her real pleasure, and to restrain themselves in positive emotions and movement.
  • You can watch a good movie, take a walk with your spouse in the Park, or buy something for yourself. Also the expectant mother should engage future father in their feelings, sensations, and even interests, so that he could communicate with your baby. Because of this after the birth of the child quickly recognize familiar voices and be quiet.

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