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Pregnancy calendar: 15 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

The beginning of the 15th week suggests that the time has come to take the triple test. Of course, not necessary to do this 15 week, because the terms tolerate up to 20, but it is better to plan well in advance. This test involves a blood test pregnant women for the presence of concentration in her three hormones – AFP, CGC and estriol, which helps to prevent abnormal development of the fetus.

The fetus at 15 weeks pregnant

15 week the baby’s skin is quite thin, through which the translucent blood vessels. Skin color is more reddish. On the baby’s head begin to penetrate the hair. It handles actively move and even tighten the Cams. Ultrasound mom can watch her baby sucks his big finger.

Although the ages of the baby is closed, yet now he can feel the light, and if you can direct the light on the stomach – he will turn away. At the same time continuing to develop children’s skeleton and bone marrow.

At 15 weeks it is already possible to accurately determine the sex of the child, but the truth is, only if the baby wants to do it and will unfold in the right perspective.

The size of the fetus at the fifteenth week of pregnancy is comparable with the size of a mango.

The woman at 15 weeks pregnant

As a rule, by the 15th week already, all your family members fully realize and come to grips with the thought of the imminent addition to the family, thanks to help and support the pregnant woman. Moreover, the belly at 15 weeks pregnant already noticeably rounded.

The chest continues to fill, increasing in volume, nipples gradually darken. Her belly is already visible to the naked eye, because the uterus is more lifted up. Now its upper wall is at a distance of 7-7,5 cm below the navel.

In addition to the 15 week increased skin pigmentation: dark freckles, moles, nipples and areola and the longitudinal line on the abdomen. All this is due to melanin, which increases with each passing day. But that is no reason to worry, because after the delivery it’ll all be over.

Moms already fully come to grips with many of the symptoms of pregnancy, but do not cease to be surprised by the appearance of new ones. So, for example, constant nasal congestion can be attributed to hormonal changes and increased blood volume.

And let it not very nice, but in General it is quite normal pregnant women, called “rhinitis pregnant”.

Danger at 15 weeks pregnant

Feeling at 15 weeks of pregnancy can be spoiled. The thing is that with 15 weeks there are some health risks to women who have problems with kidneys and adrenal glands, especially if the unborn child is a boy. The fact that boys are actively produces the male hormone testosterone, if the mother has problems with the adrenal glands, can lead to imbalances that adversely affect normal pregnancy.

However, to prevent violations by using timely analysis to identify the urinary 17-ketosteroids, followed (in case of) treatment.

15 week is the best period for analysis of amniotic fluid – amniocytes on the basis of which can be judged not only on the presence or absence of fetal malformations, but his blood group, serum bilirubin, proteins and hormones, and also about sex.

This analysis is performed to women with a negative blood type, genetic diseases or previous miscarriages. Be afraid of this analysis and to procrastinate is not necessary, because it is on a 15 week uterus inert, therefore, the procedure is absolutely safe. If abdominal pain at 15 weeks pregnant, it is best to consult your doctor.

Recommendations on the 15th week of pregnancy

  • Since 15 weeks (possibly sooner) it is necessary to use a cream for stretch marks. They usually appear on the abdomen, Breasts and thighs. In order to avoid their occurrence need to rub in the morning and in the evening a special cosmetic products, designed specifically for pregnant women.
  • In the 2nd trimester, women can also pay attention to the condition of the teeth, and if the pregnancy is the problem of caries has not been fixed, then now is the time.
  • Already with the first signs of rounding belly to follow the correct position during sleep.
  • Gynecologists recommend to do this on the side, bending the upper leg at the knee and pulling out the bottom. You can also put under the knees of a small pillow. This situation will ease the strain on the veins, which will help to prevent the development of varicose veins.

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