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Pregnancy calendar: 16 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

At this point the body of the uterus is already behind the pubic joint and it can be felt through the abdominal wall.

The development of the fetus at 16 weeks pregnant

The size of the fetus at 16 weeks pregnant for about 16 see, and weight ranges from 100 to 120g.

Baby makes active movements, they are becoming more coordinated. The child has learned to keep his head straight and his legs are fully formed. Auricle still its formation. The kid makes swallowing, knows how to suck, can stretch, rotate the head, yawn, make faces, spitting. He already can easily compress Cams, playing with his hands and legs. The umbilical cord is very durable, flexible and elastic, it can withstand a load weighing up to five or six pounds. In 16 weeks length of forty fifty centimeters and a diameter of two see the Belly at 16 weeks pregnant already very noticeable.

The adrenal glands are at the moment a large gland. Their bark is about 80% of adrenal masses. They can already produce enough hormones. At the sixteenth week of pregnancy begins to work the pituitary gland. The management body’s nervous system is becoming more noticeable.

Nerve cells (neurons), which started its formation even on the fifth week, actively trying to enter your height and for every second they added 5000.

Girls at this stage of development of the ovaries descend into the pelvic area.

The respiratory system of the child is not perfect and does not work. Until the baby is breathing exercises through the placenta.

Breathing, as such, not yet. Light will unfold only after birth (after crying). By the end of the sixteenth week chest toddler begins to make breathing movements.

The functions of the liver in addition to blood, is added and the function of digestion.

In the blood of the child already has all the necessary cells (lymphocytes, erythrocytes and monocytes). Erythrocytes while consist of fetal hemoglobin.

With 16 weeks of pregnancy begins to be synthesized and normal hemoglobin, but as long as he makes up a small proportion.

And only to the fifth week after birth fetal hemoglobin is replaced with normal.

Since the 16th week of pregnancy, your baby reacts to the voices of loved ones, the sounds and hear the music.

Woman on 16 week of pregnancy

Sensations on 16 week of pregnancy nice, because since 14 weeks, is toxemia, and mommy feels energetically and cheerfully.

The uterus grows in size, its weight reaches up to 250 gr., The amount of amniotic fluid around 250 ml. The Breasts continue to swell and may manifest venous pattern.

Well, what’s the best stir on 16 week of pregnancy become increasingly.

Danger in the 16th week of pregnancy

At this time, you can identify unwanted deviations in the development of the baby through the study of amniotic fluid.

Amniocentesis will help in the diagnosis of about 40 malformations of the fetus. This is not a safe procedure and there are various complications: infection, damage to the fetus, umbilical cord or placenta, premature birth or abortion. You should not do this manipulation without good cause.

The uterus grows and begins to put pressure on the intestines, so you may experience problems with the gastrointestinal tract: indigestion, digestive disorders, constipation and bloating.

Recommendations on 16 week of pregnancy

  • A woman should use a spacious and not loose clothing and special lingerie for pregnant women, and to refuse heels – to preserve the health of their veins.
  • Should not eat the dishes of raw fish (sushi), as there may be agents of parasitic diseases. The same applies to not roasted meat, raw eggs and boiled milk. You need to follow the routine and nutrition. Optimal weight gain of about 2.5 kg
  • Recommended to sleep on your side as in the position on the back of the uterus can put pressure on major blood vessels, which can disrupt the blood flow to the baby. As if to lay on his stomach, the uterus is under strong pressure.
  • If stomach hurts on 16 week of pregnancy – immediately consult your doctor.

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