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Pregnancy calendar: 18 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

18 week is almost half of the traversed path. The child continues to grow and develop, and many women first feel him stir. Usually this time is characterized by a stable condition and expectant mothers do not experience any complications.

The development of the child at 18 weeks pregnant

During this period, the child continues development of the brain and sensory organs. The eyeball is improved and the retina becomes greater sensitivity, allowing the child to respond to bright light. Changes occur in the structure of the inner ear of the baby. Formed ear bones become stronger and allow the child to more clearly distinguish between the different noises and sounds. The size of the fetus at 18 weeks of pregnancy reminiscent of grapefruit.

The skeleton becomes stronger. 18 week to complete its formation of the fingers and toes. So, very often, an ultrasound can watch as your child suck a finger, touches itself or the umbilical cord. Also increases the overall activity of the child, which manifests itself in movement, change of position, tremors inside the uterus.

With increased physical activity in a child there is not too rapid action of the heart. This means that the child becomes more active and stir on 18th week of pregnancy become increasingly. Because the lungs of a child not yet operate as intended, the oxygen it receives from the mother. Obtained through the umbilical cord from the mother’s blood enriched with oxygen, from the right ventricle enters immediately into the left atrium, and then flows through the veins of all the other bodies.

At 18 weeks pregnant finish his development of the sexual organs of the child. And girls and boys genitals during this period are fully formed and are in their final location.

The status of women at 18 weeks pregnant

At 18 weeks of pregnancy, due to the growth and development of the baby, the uterus continues to grow in size. The total weight of the pregnant women from conception to become more approximately 4.5 to 6 kg, and this means that the belly at 18 weeks of pregnancy has become even greater.

Also the expectant mother begins to feel active movement of the child. Although your baby’s movements, some pregnant women may experience even on week 7, with the onset of 18 weeks they become more visible.

In this period may be spots on the skin surface. Those spots that appeared earlier can now purchase more distinct color. But, on this occasion, you shouldn’t really care, because usually after the birth of these spots are in and of themselves. More pleasant sensation on the 18th week of pregnancy nothing to overshadow can’t.

Danger on the 18th week of pregnancy

The increase of the uterus puts extra stress on the back muscles and spine. Because of this possible discomfort and back pain during sleep or while walking. To ease the discomfort, you need to massage the waist and rest more.

Often the child’s growth leads to the pressure of the walls of the uterus on the internal organs of the woman. Intestine, spleen and liver are changing the normal position and slightly shifted upwards. Especially unpleasant it may be to change the location of the stomach. His change in horizontal position often leads to heartburn.

If stomach hurts on the 18th week of pregnancy, due to pressure on the internal organs. Increase the discomfort may and a full bladder. So try not to endure, and often to go to the toilet.

Recommendations on the 18th week of pregnancy

  • 18 week, as in any period, should pay special attention to the proper weight gain. Normally increase 11-15 kg during the pregnancy. Therefore, the woman must follow the diet and physical activity in order to avoid the appearance of extra pounds.
  • Sometimes you may receive runny nose and nasal congestion. They are not always associated with infection and usually after childbirth are by themselves. In order to prevent its occurrence or to relieve the symptoms, you need to use more liquid and regularly in the house to use humidifiers. This will help prevent drying and irritation of the mucous membrane of the nose.
  • Also on 18 week the woman needs to get used to sleeping on your side. Because in the following months, the stomach will only grow, it will help to avoid pain in the back and ensure the normal rest. To find a comfortable sleeping position, you can use a pillow tucked under her legs.

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