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Pregnancy calendar: 19 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

At this stage the mother cannot wait to find out what the baby at 19 weeks pregnant? She takes a relatively calm period of pregnancy. A woman needs to enjoy life: walking, exercise, meet friends and relatives, to travel.

At 19 weeks retreats likelihood of mortal danger to the baby if necessary, taking any medication. However, the expectant mother should treat it with extreme caution and remember that everything should be done only under the supervision of a physician or in accordance with his recommendations.

A fetus at 19 weeks of pregnancy

The child in this period grow arms and legs, gradually deposited subcutaneous fat. It protects the neck, sternum cartilage, and smooth working of the kidneys.

Its sebaceous gland actively produce original lubricant, protecting the delicate skin from exposure to amniotic fluid. This grease covers the head, face, ears, armpits, groin folds, and place the fold limbs.

Actively grow and develop lungs.

Growth of the brain of a baby. This week the nerve cells and neurons took their seats, resulting in the baby’s movements became more determined. The head is usually kept straight, can be rotated in the hand, and the neck already does turns around 180 degrees. The size of the fetus at 19 weeks of pregnancy already reaches 15 see.

The woman in the 19th week of pregnancy

Increasing in size uterus now requires even more space, it becomes closely in the abdominal cavity. The bottom of the uterus is about 1.3-1.4 cm below the navel. While the stomach at 19 weeks of pregnancy is becoming more.

Estimated weight gain for this week is from 3.5 to 6.5 kg Including breast enlargement (150-180 g), weight of the uterus (300-320 g), weight of child (260-290 g), weight of placenta (150-170 g) and the weight of the amniotic fluid (300-320 g). It should be remembered that all these indicators every woman is different, and their limits may considerably vary.

Now began actively preparing for childbirth: hip-sacral joints to relax, that the kid was easier to get through the birth canal.

The baby is already awake, the reminder of stir on the 19th week of pregnancy.

From the nipple starts to separate colostrum (yellow, white or translucent liquid). With abundant secretions chest should be wiped with a damp napkin.

You may experience increased heart rate (about 80-90 beats per minute).

Danger at 19 weeks of pregnancy

Due to the fact that the volume of plasma that is contained in the blood of pregnant women increased during this period may be reduced hemoglobin. This is a natural process in most cases not dangerous. If it is under the supervision of a doctor, he will prescribe taking multivitamins and iron supplements. There is a probability of detection of stretch marks in the abdomen, thighs or Breasts. Recent stretch marks usually have a red tint, and the old lighter.

Feeling at 19 weeks of pregnancy can be less pleasant. May appear severe pain in the back and loins. If you do not perform special exercises to facilitate such pain, there is a risk of complications in the future.

In the 19 weeks of pregnancy some women experience weakness, frequent and sometimes painful urination, dizziness. Sometimes you can observe increased sweating and vaginal secretions.

Recommendations for the 19th week of pregnancy

  • To increase the level of hemoglobin, the expectant mother is recommended to eat the following foods: beef liver and kidney, rabbit meat, eggs, buckwheat and oatmeal cereals, millet, beans and peas. In this list you can include blueberries, figs and tomato juice.
  • To get rid of pain in the back, typical of the 19th week of pregnancy, should from time to time to do special exercises. For example, the stretching of the spine, shoulders back and tilt the neck forward.
  • Also one of the causes of pain in the back are extra weight, which creates an additional burden. Not to gain unnecessary weight, pregnant women should reduce the consumption of sweets (including chocolate).
  • In addition, it is recommended to avoid prolonged standing and improper Seating position. You should not sit on a backless chair, and throwing one leg over the other. This will help to avoid heavy loads on the spine and difficult circulation. In that case, if stomach hurts at the nineteenth week of pregnancy, you should certainly see a doctor.
  • At 19 weeks of pregnancy, it is useful to offer courses to prepare for childbirth. Do I have to use the opportunity of their visit to obtain the necessary information about how to overcome prenatal fear, as you want to breathe in fights, how to put baby to the breast and so on.

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