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Pregnancy calendar: 2 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Here comes the 2nd week and soon will come the pregnancy. In a woman’s body is actively developing egg, ultrasound, it can be seen as the largest follicle, it is also called the dominant egg. Sometimes the expectant mothers develop 2 or more eggs, then the probability of the birth of the twins.

In the male body is all okay, as usual. However, in order to increase the probability of conception, the male is recommended to abstain from sex in order to accumulate a sufficient number of sperm. By the way during intercourse, a man at a time spewing from 200 million to 400 million sperm. Some people believe that to the egg gets only one sperm is not really an egg attack a lot of sperm, but to penetrate the capsule can often only one.. Imagine how it would be hard? The sex of the baby is completely dependent on the Pope, because the sperm carry an X and female Y male chromosome. Your egg has only X female chromosome.

At the end of 2 weeks possible future pregnancy ovulation, in order to determine the exact date of ovulation can take advantage of the method of determining basal temperature. Usually, ovulation occurs on the 14th day from the first day of last Your period.

Recommendations for mothers during the second week of a future pregnancy:

  • First, it is the observance of the recommendations for the first week of pregnancy;
  • Visit the doctor on genetics, if You have not already done so. This will allow the doctor genetics to analyze your heredity and forecast for your child, and recommends preventive measures;
  • Avoid careful washing of the genital tract, as it can change the PH, and this may cause the egg will not be fertilized because the sperm is very sensitive to changes in PH of the environment;
  • To increase the chances of conception recommend after intercourse to remain in a horizontal position for 30 minutes, so you can put a pillow under the pelvis;
  • Continue to take multi-vitamins and eat well.

Recommendations for the future Pope

  • 3-day abstinence, to increase the chances of conception;
  • The care of the expectant mother, to save you from heavy physical exertion, emotional peace.

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