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Pregnancy calendar: 20 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

20 weeks – the most wonderful time of the so-called equator. The middle of pregnancy when the belly is already noticeable and almost does not interfere, when all notice how good looking pregnant, and what she’s a great feeling. Moreover, more and more often you can feel the stirring of the 20th week of pregnancy.

The fetus at 20 weeks of pregnancy

At the twentieth week, the tiny man already has hair on his head and a tiny nails on the fingers of the hands and feet. A pipsqueak compresses and pushes the small fingers of the hand, somersaults, playing with the umbilical cord, sucks thumb, closes the handles face, yawning. His skin becomes thicker. As the sebaceous glands produce a waxy secretion, which is called the original grease. It is designed to protect the delicate skin of the fetus, which is constantly in the amniotic fluid. Original grease will persist until the birth, she will stay on the skin original fluff.

Your doctor may offer to listen to baby’s heartbeat, with the help of electronic apparatus or sound tube.

The size of the fetus at 20 weeks of pregnancy is approximately 14-16 see He had already reached the size of a small melon.

Weighs approximately 260.

The woman at 20 weeks of pregnancy

The uterus rises higher and belly at 20 weeks of pregnancy is becoming rounder and more. Maybe as a button, a little bulge belly button. Can stretch marks appear. They will grow depending on the period. May bother some difficulty in breathing, because free movements of the lungs. Mom will feel relieved only when the fetus will fall deeply into the cavity of the pelvis.

The danger of the 20th week of pregnancy

Mums need to fear of miscarriage, which can happen due to isthmic-cervical insufficiency. Unfortunately, at 20 weeks the baby is small and immature, and will not be able to survive in case of a dangerous situation. The worst feeling in the 20th week of pregnancy may not apply signal about the problems with the fetus. Increased uterine tone and drawing pain in the abdomen is a threat. Another reason to see a doctor, abdominal pain, this should not be at this stage of the pregnancy. And should not be elevated body temperature, vaginal discharge should be moderate and not to have a sharp odor.

If a serious stomach ache at the 20th week of pregnancy, you should immediately consult the doctor in order to avoid tragedy.

He will put the seam on the cervix (to eliminate the threat of premature birth or a special device that will hold it in the correct position and will help to limit physical activity. A woman will definitely have a little lie down.

Recommendations the 20th week of pregnancy

  • Now is the best time to do gymnastics or exercises. It will not hurt, and even Vice versa. When exercise normalizes blood circulation, decrease back pain, improves overall health. Physical activity will help prepare a woman’s body directly to childbirth and to strengthen the immune system. Pregnant women are recommended not all physical exercises.
  • In the Internet you can find clear descriptions and contraindications, as well as the specialist will always help the Board and will advise. Do not ignore even the slightest changes in the body at this stage of the pregnancy. You should not forget to fix.
  • If you have not selected courses for parents, now is the time to do it. Because now the woman interesting stirrings of the fetus, as well as its prenatal development. You should choose a school where you can find like-minded people, and most importantly, specialists. They will be ready to advise the mother on important issues. When visiting classes and workshops you will learn about psychological problems, pursuing the pregnant woman. This will be the key to a good prevention of complications during childbirth. Obtained in such courses information about the physiology of pregnancy will be the most important.
  • Mommy must not ignore the issues that she is concerned. Child bearing, relations with relatives in connection with the upbringing of the future boy or girl, psychological communication in the family – such issues should not remain unanswered. They can always be discussed with doctors. Future Pope should not deny yourself the pleasure to attend such courses.

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