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Pregnancy calendar: 22 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Mommy more and more interested in what is happening on the 22nd week of pregnancy with her baby? 22 week of pregnancy, is primarily a slow brain development of the baby. Now the perfection of his structures is much slower than it was before.

Ultrasound is already clearly behaves as a kid and it is already possible to know the sex.

The fetus at 22 weeks pregnant

22 week of pregnancy for the baby is active growth of the fetus and its preparation for life outside the mother’s tummy. Now the baby is better visible eyebrows, he has much better hair began to grow. But it is worth noting that both until no color as melanin has not yet appeared. Remarkable is the fact that in dark-skinned children, blacks and Latinos, hair like a halo floating above his head.

The number of neurons every day is becoming more and with it improved and perception.

Now the baby is very active, begins to know himself: he flexes the limb, moves them and know where the various parts of the body. An ultrasound can see how he sucks his thumb, and before that he chooses, or a finger tap to the mouth, or to tilt the head to the finger. After he is born, he is able to experience the world through sight and taste sensations.

The size of the fetus at 22 weeks of pregnancy is approximately 19 cm, and weighs about 350 grams. Now the size of the baby resembles an ear of corn, but soon everything will change.

The woman at 22 weeks pregnant

Generally, the feeling on the 22nd week of pregnancy the woman is good. Now the mother becomes more blood. This is due to the fact that the volume of plasma (the liquid part of blood) increased. It should be noted that plasma is the main component of blood and she has the ability to dissolve blood cells. For this reason, moms can detect physiological anemia, which is a low level of hemoglobin.

In General, pregnancy is absolutely normal, but to seem to the doctor still stands, for the exception of this anemia. To prevent a pregnant mother should eat more iron-rich foods.

Stir on 22 week of pregnancy are becoming more frequent than happy future parents.

By the way, in the second trimester in women is significantly improved mood and sexual desire appears, in other words, increases libido.

This is all because of the same blood, which, due to its increase, contributes to the enhanced secretion of secretion into the woman’s vagina. Erogenous zones are now more sensitive, and during intercourse, a woman can easily have an orgasm. Many people are afraid to make love during pregnancy, but these fears are unfounded, because the baby is very well protected all their membranes and amniotic fluid. Besides, now you do not need to protect themselves. Belly at 22 weeks of pregnancy will not be able to prevent to get a real pleasure. However, it is necessary to abandon frequent, deep intimacy, as well as from some of the postures that contribute to the compression of the abdomen.

Danger on the 22nd week of pregnancy

The only problem that can ruin the feeling on the 22nd week of pregnancy toxemia. Typically, this is the second “wave”, because he was already in the first weeks, and then passed. Now toxicosis may occur in those who have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, inflammatory processes in the genital area or obese.

It should be noted that the toxicity at this stage of pregnancy is very dangerous for the health of mother and child, as he runs for another reason and with other symptoms. The thing in the water-salt balance. Blood volume decreases and the pressure increases. Thus, the mummy itself feels very bad, and get rid of the toxicity is impossible. As a rule, to maintain health and mother and child, the doctor prescribes hospitalization.

Recommendations on the 22nd week of pregnancy

  • First of all, you should very carefully monitor their health to those women who have a dysfunction of the adrenal cortex.
  • Hormones, which in large quantities is now produced in a child, can inflict irreparable harm to the mother. In case, if there is itching, excessive thirst and profuse urination – this symptom of too much fetus. In this case, you must immediately consult a doctor.

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