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Pregnancy calendar: 23 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

23 week of pregnancy this is the sixth month. All mothers interested in what happens on the 23rd week of pregnancy. The doctors of this period is called summer, because, as in nature, in the belly of the expectant mother is an active growth of the child. The baby has already developed all the muscles of the limbs, and he is already able to test their strength. Active stirring at 23 weeks of pregnancy alternate with complete calm.

The fetus at 23 weeks pregnant

Belly on the 23rd week of pregnancy significantly increases, as it is the beginning of the period, when the baby very rapidly begins adipose tissue. Despite this, the baby is still very wrinkled and red. The thing is that the skin in humans is formed much faster than the time to form fat and skin of the baby is a little saggy. Redness is also scientifically proven. It’s all in the pigment, which makes the baby less transparent.

At this stage the fetus is more active, but pushing is very soft. If you hold the ultrasound of a fetus at this stage of pregnancy, you can easily observe how the kid grabs the cord and moving legs and arms. As the child continues to swallow a small amount of liquid, which then comes out of it in the form of urine. Remarkable is the fact that the child is able hiccough, and future mother it feels very good. When fetus of the child if the bounces inside the abdomen. Now the baby is already formed nails, he has dark hair, and in the intestine is formed feces, which in science is called meconium.

The size of the fetus at 23 weeks of pregnancy is approximately 20 cm, and the weight of the baby is about 450 grams.

The woman on the 23rd week of pregnancy

The woman at this stage of pregnancy also suffers some changes. The blood supply becomes even stronger, because with the growth of the child requires more nutrients, as they are known, proceed through the placenta.

In the uterus cervical canal begins to fill thick mucous mass, and the allocation of milk-white are becoming more frequent.

With these selections you need to fight with the help of special gynecological suppositories, but you should consult with your doctor. Sensations in the 23rd week of pregnancy darken stretch marks that appear because of the growing belly.

As this period is characterized by contractions of Breston-Higgins. They appear due to the stirring of the child, but no danger, except for minor pain, nor mother, nor for a child they are not. In science they are called “training for childbirth”. Per day of such contractions can occur about 10-15 pieces. In that case, if such “training” occur frequently, and the woman feels unbearable pain, then you need to call an ambulance.

Danger on the 23rd week of pregnancy

On the 23rd week of pregnancy is very dangerous to get sick with colds, especially influenza. The thing is that now is a very active growth of muscles and bones, but the body is very weak to resist the virus. In case of illness the child may subsequently be problems with the cardiovascular, excretory, and nervous systems.

In addition to the flu, you should be attentive to their feet, because the fetus becomes heavier and may occur varicose veins. In order to avoid such serious problems it is better to buy a special bandage (elastic), each day the doctors advise tightly bandaged feet. Shoes should be comfortable and without heels. In addition, often need to lie down with raised legs.

Recommendations on the 23rd week of pregnancy

  • During this period you need to do an ultrasound, if it has not been done two weeks earlier. If we do not pass validation, then it will be harder to detect fetal abnormalities.
  • The mother should get to be in the fresh air, eat right and follow all the recommendations of doctors. Also on the 23rd week of pregnancy will benefit from the sexual act in which a woman will have an orgasm, and thus positive emotions, which affect the unborn baby.

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