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Pregnancy calendar: 24 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

At this stage stir the fetus become so familiar to my mother that now she is no longer confused with simple rumbling in the stomach. But what happens in week 24 of pregnancy, besides the fact that the child has become more active?

The fetus at 24 weeks pregnant

Besides the fact that you are actively moving on the 24th week of pregnancy, the fetus becomes increasingly large and plump. Because of his size he is closely inside the mother and he is not as actively flips in the amniotic fluid. He still takes her little hands the cord and pulling it.

In addition, the baby more often listens to the world and mother feels. For example, if mom gets scared, and the baby will also get a fright. But most importantly, the baby can remain in this excited state for several hours.

Now the baby is very active lays fat. Because he has a very large energy value during combustion inside a person is able to allocate a decent amount of heat. As we know, young children are very ill keep normal temperature and subcooling for them is very dangerous. It is because of this kid so badly needs in the reserves of fat.

As the baby is now very actively developing respiratory system. Since this phase of pregnancy, at the ends of the capillaries are formed terminal sacs that separate a thin film from the alveoli are filled with air. Right now the baby, premature birth will be able to live independently.

The size and weight of the fetus at 24 weeks of pregnancy significantly increased. Now your baby weighs about 530 grams and its size is about 21 see.

The woman at 24 weeks pregnant

Sensations in week 24 of pregnancy in women marred by a noticeable weight gain. Now, the future mother of frequent headaches and problems with the bladder. Belly at 24 weeks of pregnancy significantly increased in size, and hence on foot every day to bear a large load. The tone of the uterus is now located above the navel.

At this stage of pregnancy occur very frequently preterm birth and, despite the fact that the baby will be able to breathe on his own, to save not everyone, due to the lack of necessary equipment, especially in small towns. So at the slightest sign you need to see a doctor.

Danger on the 24th week of pregnancy

In addition to premature birth, during this phase of pregnancy should be afraid of diabetes, because now the release of insulin are particularly active. In particular you should pay attention to this is necessary for those who in the family has diabetes.

In case of increased thirst, rapid urination or skin itching, be sure to consult a doctor. This may indicate that the fetus has the extra weight.

Recommendations on 24th week of pregnancy

Along with the flow of blood, the baby receives the necessary oxygen and nutrition. The child, as you know, your first breath does after birth to light, and inside mom he only trained to do this sigh, so it just makes breathing movements. When this gets to him amniotic fluid, which does no harm. This breathing exercise is due to the breathing center in the brain, therefore it is very important for the future kid.

If the expectant mother is to live a healthy lifestyle and more walk in the fresh air, then there are no problems in the future will not occur. And if it will smell of nicotine and paints and drinking alcohol, then it will affect the Central nervous system, causing breathing problems at birth.

Also at this stage, you should get as much positive emotions and to listen to classical music. We have shown that all the words and sounds of the baby hears perfectly and even respond to them. So the woman in the first place should not worry, because it directly affects the future of the child.

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