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Pregnancy calendar: 25 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Moms already can’t wait to see what happens on the 25th week of pregnancy. In fact, until the baby is born, there is less time, and its activity every day more and more. Now you can even highlight the periods of sleep and activity of the child. And, as an adult unborn baby already has the REM sleep and slow.

The only thing that is not yet understood by science – the dream whether babies in the mother’s womb dreams. But we have shown that some emotions after all the baby is going through.

A fetus at 25 weeks pregnant

At this stage of pregnancy the baby continues very active strengthening of the musculoskeletal system. This time, when for several weeks the baby is already beating heart and it’s great listening to the doctors with the help of stethoscope. It is worth noting that even without special devices you can hear the heartbeat of the unborn baby. If the husband will put his ear to the mother’s tummy and the room is quiet, you can hear the first signs of life crumbs.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy have finally known the sex of the baby, since 25 weeks, the testes begin to descend into the scrotum, and if it’s a girl, then it begins to form the vagina. Fingers better able to compress the Cams, and now he determines which hand it is more convenient just to do something. In other words, it is determined whether the kid: a right-handed or left-handed. And if to be born left-handed, it does not mean that the mother is wrong he had been taught to hold a spoon. Doctors have proven that it is an innate feature and to retrain it will be very difficult.

Right now on the fingers is formed imprint, and the baby can already play not only with his umbilical cord, but with a leg.

The size and weight of the fetus at 25 weeks of pregnancy has increased significantly since last week and already is 22 cm and a weight of 700 grams.

The woman on the 25th week of pregnancy

Belly at 25 weeks of pregnancy is becoming more, and the upper edge of the uterus all the above and now it is above the navel.

The fetus develops and thus stretches the skin of the abdomen of the expectant moms. Unfortunately this leads to the appearance of stretch marks, get rid of them very difficult, but possible. In order to prevent their occurrence, should be prevention. Now in drugstores sold many different means and in conjunction with the massage they give good results. Not worth doing a rough massage, enough pinching and stroking the skin, and the blood circulation will improve.

The uterus this week is already the size of a soccer ball and such a large size presses on the diaphragm. Thus, shifting the stomach, causing gastric juice rises to the top and causes heartburn. Feeling at 25 weeks because of this unpleasant, because the woman feels like after a long meal. But, despite these problems, as a rule, a woman is in good spirits.

Danger on the 25th week of pregnancy

With the increase of the abdomen, increases the weight on the feet of the future moms. When this is felt unpleasant discomfort. It is particularly difficult to carry those who give birth is not the first time. That is the time when you must choose for themselves the band.

Many, in the pursuit of beauty and harmony, trying to buy a brace, which greatly compresses the abdomen. This is a big mistake, because the bandage should not take off his stomach, he should raise. It is better to take the standard bandage, and not one that can be used both before and after birth.

Recommendations on the 25th week of pregnancy

  • In addition to massage with anti-stretch marks, at this stage we need as much time to devote to walking. This will help not only to keep in shape, but also will benefit the unborn baby. It is also worth to pay special attention to nutrition and to remember that everything that eats the mother directly affects the baby.
  • To avoid problems with varicose veins, mums need to wear comfortable shoes on cheap shoes and to buy a special bandage, which will need to wrap the legs. Stir on the 25th week of pregnancy is very active, and if not there, then you need to immediately tell the doctor about it.

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