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Pregnancy calendar: 26 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Starting from the 26th week of pregnancy, the baby is considered viable. In other words, in case of his sudden appearance on the light he will be able to survive with the help of special equipment.

The fetus at 26 weeks pregnant

Now the face of the baby is more like the face of an elderly man – the same wrinkled, but all limbs already gained fat mass. In addition, the baby continues active development of the skeleton. Prior to that, instead of the bones in the baby were cartilage.
The size and weight of the fetus at 26 weeks of pregnancy is approximately 32 cm and 900 grams.

The baby becomes more and more not only in size but also in its development. Now he will be able to distinguish between music and hear my mother’s voice. Doctors recommend expectant mother often listen to classical music, it has already been proved that it is beneficial to the development of the child. Besides, he already knows how to open and close their eyes. At first quite a bit, but every day her eyes opened wider.

Stir on 26th week of pregnancy active, but are replaced by calm. By the way at this stage it is already possible to determine what type of activity will refer the child to the owl or lark. Just follow some time, what time of day the baby is more mobile. If you learn it now, then later my mom will be easier to decide what time to put the child to bed.

Another interesting fact that doctors note on this term as the fetus of love to sweet, and bitter he can impulse to make faces grimace.

The woman at 26 weeks pregnant

For women 26 week of pregnancy is the time to sign up for yoga for pregnant women or for special courses for expectant mothers. As a rule, all courses last for several months, so by the time the woman to give birth, she will not lose acquired skills. A very big plus from such courses is that they can already find a doctor who will take delivery, because very often in the role of specialists in such courses are doctors from the hospital.

In that case, if a course has a swimming pool is another advantage, but breastfeeding advisors will help the expectant mother to find out everything you need for feeding your baby.

Now the doctor visits the woman became more frequent, because, as you need to constantly check the baby’s heartbeat and what happens on the 26th week of pregnancy. Now in the womb of the woman is still very much space and the total amount of amniotic fluid is approximately 0.7 liters. For this reason, the fetus is constantly spinning and, as a rule, his head is at the top.

Each week, the uterus will rise up to one centimeter. If a woman is properly nourished, over the 26 weeks of pregnancy, she gained about 8-9 kg.

Danger at 26 weeks pregnant

At this stage of gestation the mother may experience severe headaches, cramps in legs, pain in the pelvis and back. In addition, the baby kick is also becoming more sharp and can cause considerable pain his expectant mother. In order to somehow alleviate these moments, there are special mattresses for pregnant women.

In addition, feelings of 26 weeks of pregnancy can be damaged by severe pain in the legs, possibly, vision problems and to increase the pressure. Typically, this is the time when a woman is rapidly gaining weight, and greatly swollen legs.

Recommendations on 26th week of pregnancy

  • Belly at 26 weeks of pregnancy has become even more, respectively, and on the legs is a big load. As a result, you may develop varicose veins. To avoid that, you need to buy a special bandage that every day must wrap the legs.
  • So this is the perfect time to think about the particulars. For example, you need to decide whether christenings, and how long the mother will not have to go to work. If the mother decides that her child will be attending kindergarten – it is already possible to find the best option and learn how to stand in line.
  • Don’t forget about your health: you need to use as much fresh fruit and vegetables and not bad to enroll in courses for young mothers. Better yet, attend such courses together with the future Pope.

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