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Pregnancy calendar: 27 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

If to speak about what is happening on the 27th week of pregnancy, the first thing is to say that this is the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy, when the organs of the baby is already formed, but they have yet to develop.

The fetus at 27 weeks pregnant

At 27 weeks pregnant, almost formed baby continues to develop. Now he is very active brain, and, as a rule, this continues a period of about three months. As the child resides in the amniotic fluid, his skin quite wrinkled, but it will be a few weeks before the baby is born.

Now, in the case of premature birth, the child will be able to survive. Doctors claim that 85% of babies born at 27 weeks pregnant, grow healthy and strong. The baby begins blinking eyes and listen to the other sounds.

The size and weight of the fetus at 27 weeks of pregnancy is approximately 1 kg in size from the sacrum to the crown about 27 see.

The woman at 27 weeks pregnant

Feelings on the 27th week of pregnancy can be spoiled due to the increase of cholesterol in the blood. But this fact should not in any way spoil the mood of the future moms. Because now cholesterol is very important for women. For placenta it is a building material. Then it will generate all the necessary hormones, including progesterone. Progesterone is a very important hormone for breast and to relieve tension with various smooth muscles.

Because of the increased level of cholesterol, the woman begins to gain weight, but all women should remember that the weight she gains during pregnancy, does not in any way affect her health. All this for the reason that virtually all earned pounds this amniotic fluid and blood volume of a pregnant woman.

As a rule, all pregnant woman gains about 13 kg But it is worth noting that the Breasts increase in size about 3-4 times, and this additional pounds. It should be noted that pregnancy is not a time when you need to look for a diet, as it can badly affect the health of the unborn baby.

Danger on the 27th week of pregnancy

Belly on the 27th week of pregnancy is becoming more and my mom already can’t wait to see your baby. But, unfortunately, each stage such conditions as pregnancy, accompanied with some dangers.

In connection with edema, women may experience pain in the feet and hands. The swelling is a very common problem, expectant mothers, and to solve to take daily vitamins B6 not to carry things and just shake hands before the woman gets up from the bed.

Another danger on the 27th week of pregnancy are creeping sensation in the extremities. As a rule, they occur because of impaired circulation, but for pregnant women it is not the reason. If the “goose bumps” were to be disturbed too often, it is immediately necessary to consult a doctor.

Muscle spasms in the legs – another trouble faced by the woman at this stage of pregnancy. Typically, these spasms are caused by several factors:

  • Excess phosphorus in the body;
  • Fatigue;
  • Increasing the pressure of the uterus.

Recommendations on the 27th week of pregnancy

  • In order to get rid of spasms of the legs, can be a little stand on the cool surface, get a massage or to bend and straighten the legs in the pose of lying. In that case, if the cramps become too frequent – should immediately consult your doctor.
  • This is a great time to find a school for expectant mothers, where the woman will teach not only how to feed and keep the child, but also give valuable advice on parenting. The presence of the Pope in such courses will be only incidentally.
  • By the way, the belly at 27 weeks pregnant already big enough, but it in no way can affect yoga classes for pregnant women. All the exercises are extremely beneficial and the mother and baby. And most importantly for the mother – figure, and yoga for pregnant women will help to keep it more elastic and toned and mood will only improve.

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