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Pregnancy calendar: 28 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

With the arrival this week begins the final stage of the second trimester of pregnancy, but what happens on the 28th week of pregnancy?

The main feature is that if the baby will be born this week, he will survive. And despite the fact that the surfactant (a substance in the lungs preventing the falling of the alveoli) is not enough, yet modern equipment will allow the child’s body the necessary amount of oxygen.

The fetus at 28 weeks pregnant

Now the baby starts to grow rapidly: he is gaining weight, and no longer seems so thin. The size and weight of the fetus at 28 weeks of pregnancy is 35-37 cm and 1000-1300 g, respectively.

Usually at this time the baby’s head is under the ribs of the mother, but by the end of the third trimester he usually flips in the correct position, i.e. head down.

Eyes crumbs already open, he can blink. Now he is able to distinguish between bright light, which sometimes penetrates through the wall of the abdomen of the mother, because his eye the retina is already quite sensitive. At the same time improving hearing aid crumbs. Now he is able to recognize mother’s voice, and after the birth of this sound will cause only positive emotions. Due to the increased tactile sensitivity even now mommy can too calm an active baby with light strokes on the abdomen.

The brain of the baby gradually increases the weight, it creates grooves and the first gyrus. The umbilical cord also increases to 28 weeks, her size ranges from 30 to 100 cm

Begin independent work of the endocrine system of the child, shaping your metabolism, and release of the thyroid and pancreas mother from work for two.

The woman at 28 weeks pregnant

Starting from 28 weeks mom every day we need to test Pearson: in the morning and in the evening for hours to calculate the moving fetus. Properly developing baby makes per hour at least 10 aftershocks. If the stirring at 28 weeks of pregnancy are not felt or their number is less than normal, be suspicious.

Breasts women already produce colostrum, which is the first food of the newborn, until you arrive breast milk.

Due to the active growth of the baby belly at 28 weeks of pregnancy in women already pretty big. Stretch the skin of the abdomen moms becomes dry and starts to itch. The output of the unpleasant situation will become smooth skin special liquid from itching, but even she will not be able to fully get rid of the discomfort.

In addition, since the beginning of 28 weeks, the majority of pregnant women begins to manifest confusion and awkwardness. This is due to fluid retention in the body, which leads to loss of coordination. But this is temporary. So fear not.

Danger at the 28th week of pregnancy

Sensations on 28th week of pregnancy worse, because, as women begin to experience discomfort associated with the development of anemia. This is because the female body is under a greater load, which leads to iron deficiency, contributing to the rapid ageing of red blood cells, and updated, in turn, is in still mode (before pregnancy). This perceived lack of iron is in the 28th week of pregnancy, so for the timely prevention of anemia need regular blood tests, as well as in the case of any complaints (dizziness, pale skin, palpitations etc) you need to immediately consult a doctor.

You also need to pay attention to foods that contain iron: prunes, bran, legumes, walnuts, honey, cranberry.

Swelling inherent in absolutely all pregnant women, but this does not mean that they all have pre-eclampsia.

Recommendations for the 28 week of pregnancy

  • As before, the baby needs a lot of oxygen so that mums need to spend more time on the air.
  • Sometimes at the 28th week of pregnancy observed minor contractions. It’s not terrible, because the body begins to prepare for the upcoming birth, but the birth pangs of these reductions are in no way connected.
  • By the way, about childbirth. Many moms are too afraid of childbirth, but there is nothing wrong, because childbirth is a natural process. To overcome fear of childbirth need to prepare for them, and this will help special courses for expectant mothers, which should go together with daddies. These classes will give a positive attitude and will teach a woman to behave properly in childbirth.

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