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Pregnancy calendar: 30 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

30 week pregnancy is a time of laying the Foundation for future relations between mother and baby. At this time, a woman can completely forget about all existing in its current position problems, and to devote themselves and their unborn child care.

The fetus at 30 weeks pregnant

The size and weight of the fetus at 30 weeks of pregnancy, ideally, equal to 37.5 cm and gr respectively.

The sight of the kid continues to improve, but this does not mean that it achieves good performance. As practice shows, the child even after birth poorly distinguish objects.

In this period of very active growth of the head, which sometimes reaches the size of half of a head of an adult person. Fetal movement become less severe and frequent, because the space in the uterus of the mother is significantly less than in the initial stages of pregnancy.

It should be noted that a fetus at 30 weeks of pregnancy are very sensitive to maternal affection. Stroking of the abdomen and gentle words will be perceived by the public, the kid is a nice sound, shaking shoulders, gripping Cams.

If the child will not arrange the position of the maternal body, he is sure to be a “protest” all the known ways will be to wrinkle, to hit in the stomach and angry.

Active stirring at 30 weeks of pregnancy can be a bad sign. Perhaps the baby react to bright light, noise and loud sounds from outside, it is inconvenient.

An ultrasound can see the systematic movements in the chest crumbs. Do not be afraid, this is quite normal: develop the baby’s lungs.

At 30 weeks of pregnancy there are significant changes in the development of the eye muscles. During this period, they begin to consciously move. In most cases, a 30 week disappears the hair on the back of the head, but sometimes children are born with it. This is normal.

It is also worth noting that the 30 week the child increases the mass of the brain, but is fully operational it begins only after birth.

The woman at 30 weeks pregnant

Feeling at 30 weeks of pregnancy due to increased fetal growth is not the best. Due to the fact that the authorities is becoming smaller, the woman is becoming uncomfortable, normal up to this time gait is replaced by a slow and tedious. Sometimes malaise and shortness of breath can be caused by the fact that the uterus is too high, so the pressure on the diaphragm, and she, in turn, on the heart.

30 week pregnant women significantly increases the size of the Breasts, especially the nipples. Possible constipation and incontinence, so experts recommend more frequent visits to the toilet.

Danger at 30 weeks pregnant

What happens on the 30th week of pregnancy with women who have a risk of rhesus-conflict? They may need an injection of a special substance that will inhibit the development of hemolytic disease of the child. This injection is done to these women if there is a conflict on the RH factor.

Already clearly expressed difficulty breathing mother and shortness of breath. They are due to the fact that the child is very strongly presses on the diaphragm.

30 week can start spotting from the vagina is bleeding. It is a sign that the bleeding placenta, which separates from the uterus or is too low from it. In this case, you need to take the situation lying down and immediately call a doctor. The doctor will most likely determine the woman in the hospital and possibly (if necessary), will try to induce labor by artificial means through caesarean section or stimulation.

Recommendations on the 30th week of pregnancy

  • Abdominal pain at 30 weeks of pregnancy can indicate many things, for example, on the wrong diet. Therefore, you should remove from your diet foods such as cabbage, sweet, grapes, peas.
  • At 30-32 weeks of gestation is not recommended to overdo it, as, indeed, for the entire period of pregnancy. But inactivity is fraught with consequences!
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to sleep lying on your back, not to pinch the inferior vein. During sleep and seats need to try not to cross your feet, because it’s a direct threat to varicose veins.
  • During this period it is important to get an exchange card, which will contain all the results of tests, examinations and ultrasound. This card will need when entering the hospital, and because it is unknown when this moment will come, you need to keep map is always with you.
  • From back pain, you can easily get rid of, asking a loved one to make a gentle massage. Waking up at night to the needy, do not abruptly jump out of bed, do it slowly, turning on his side.

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