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Pregnancy calendar: 32 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

As a rule, to 32 weeks, the baby is already occupies a stable position in the uterus, preparing it is so close to the moment of birth. Stir on a 32 week of pregnancy are less active than before, as designated in mom’s tummy is getting smaller.

The fetus at 32 weeks pregnant

With each new day the baby is becoming cuter: his head is already noticeable abundant hair, and with his tiny little face completely disappeared wrinkles. To 32 weeks, the baby is already perfectly distinguish the sounds he hears the beating of the mother’s heart, to learn the sounds of peristalsis and blood circulation. But among others, his mother’s voice will always remain on the home place.

Since 32 weeks, all subsequent intrauterine development of the fetus will prepare for birth. Now begins the intensive growth of muscle mass, size and growth of the fetus at 32 weeks of pregnancy is 38 – 40 cm and 1800

Continue to develop the sucking muscles, which will provide the baby after birth, proper nutrition, and nervous system. On the surface of the brain of the child has already formed convolutions, and the actual head size finally becomes proportional to the whole body.

The woman at 32 weeks pregnant

As a rule, already rather big belly manages to 32 week to deliver a lot of trouble, and the woman of his clumsiness is becoming more and more like a duck. Besides the weight at 32 weeks pregnant already quite big, and this woman is even more difficult to move.

Usually, by this time the baby takes the position of feet up (which is saved themselves before birth), resulting in its locomotor activity falls on the chest of the mother, which makes her very pain. So mums are advised to keep your back straight, keep the posture to avoid possible discomfort.

Another problem for women can be fluid retention in the body, which can lead to swelling of the limbs and swelling of the veins. So in this time will not be superfluous to get rid of all the gripping fingers jewelry, as well as from tight clothing.

At 32 weeks of pregnancy can begin quite frequent uterine contraction, which are the first harbingers of the coming soon childbirth. Such reductions are not dangerous, so don’t worry. It is also possible uncontrolled urination, and a small selection at 32 weeks of pregnancy, because the pressure of the uterus on the bladder increases every day. From this arise, and abdominal pain 32 weeks pregnant.

Danger at 32 weeks pregnant

Among the main threats occurring at 32 weeks of pregnancy, for future moms can include various kinds of diseases that can harm, as the health of the woman and baby. Such diseases are preeclampsia (late toxicosis), placental insufficiency or detachment of the placenta, and oligohydramnios. In the case of any symptoms of these diseases should seek the help of a doctor.

In addition, due to the large load on the spine, a woman may experience severe back pain, so you should always monitor your posture, and also attend classes for expectant mothers, where a specialist will tell you the techniques and exercises to eliminate such troubles.

Very often at 32 weeks pregnant women begins to torment heartburn, which will now last until during delivery. The thing is that the pressure of the uterus falls more heavily on the stomach, causing gastric juice begins to “navigate” through the esophagus moms, causing burning – heartburn. The solution can be fractional and frequent meals.

Recommendations on 32 week of pregnancy

  • Throughout all 9 months of pregnancy women should guard against diseases such as colds and infectious nature, as any other disease and how to treat it, one way or another, but will affect the health of the baby. If such a situation has occurred, then the mother should be required to seek help from a doctor who will be able to choose the most safe health crumbs treatment, taking into account all peculiarities of pregnancy.
  • As a rule, in this case, is assigned the herbal remedies that are absolutely safe for the child, but quite effective in combating the disease. You should also know that in this position the woman can’t carry the disease on his feet.

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