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Pregnancy calendar: 33 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

33 week of pregnancy is the beginning of the 9th obstetric month. Future mommy and her baby are rapidly gaining weight. However, under no circumstances you should not go on a diet, because any hasty restrictions may harm the child. Weight at 33 weeks pregnant of course already great, but don’t forget that the baby is also growing.

The fetus at 33 weeks pregnant

Kid grows up, he wants to move, but designated Smoking activity is not enough, so stir on 33 week of pregnancy almost stopped. Now a little more awake and during sleep, his eyes moving as he begins to dream. In the waking state, the child listens to the other sounds from the outside, featuring amongst mother’s voice. Scientists suggest that now the kid can see the shadow.

On the fingers of the hands and feet of the child there are small grooves – skin pattern.

During this period in the cortex of the fetus ripen billions of neurons, which form the trillions of neural connections. At the same time continues the formation of the cardiovascular system. Oxygen and nutrients to the fetus still gets through a placenta, the width of which now reaches 3,5 see

The size and weight of the fetus at 33 weeks of pregnancy are 42 – 43 cm and 2 kg, respectively.

The woman at 33 weeks pregnant

From the moment of conception it has been almost 8 months. Increasingly, the woman feels the need to pass urine, because the uterus increases, putting pressure on the bladder. Due to the fact that the ligaments are stretched, there is the likelihood of unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, can appear dark green discharge at 33 weeks of pregnancy, which prevent the ingress of bacteria into the uterus.

To escape from uncomfortable feelings, mommy can spend all my free time reading literature about childbirth, the postpartum period, and to attend training. The more a woman learns, the easier it will be after birth.

In addition, at this time mums can dream rather unusual and colorful dreams.

Danger at 33 weeks pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant women often get nauseated, which is nothing other than a manifestation of late toxicosis. In this case, the expectant mother should immediately seek the advice of a doctor or get an ultrasound examination, which will help to ensure a normal pregnancy because of late toxicosis may indicate a deviation from the norm.

Birth very soon, and the woman’s body starts preparing ourselves for this process. So can receive the training bout, which is expressed in increased uterine tone, which may appear nagging abdominal pain 33 weeks pregnant.

If in the first half of pregnancy body mass increased by a few pounds, then for the second half of the bulk weight gain. During the week the normal increase in weight should not exceed 300 g, so it is extremely important at a certain time to visit a doctor and follow his recommendations.

Pain, numbness, tingling, or simply unpleasant sensations in the fingers and wrists is normal at 33 weeks of pregnancy because of fluid retention. In that part of the body where fluid is delayed, there is a pressure increase, which leads to pinch nerve endings, causing pain. Therefore, pregnant women are recommended as often as possible to stretch your hands, and put a soft pillow under arms during sleep.

Recommendations on the 33rd week of pregnancy

  • Twin birth in our time is a common phenomenon, and absolutely every pregnant woman to 33 week to decide whether to attend the father at birth. Besides, quite often there is a video of the birth process, however, want to shoot the whole process on video, it is recommended to discuss this with the chief physician of the maternity hospital. Typically, the physician gives written permission to the presence of men at birth or other close person, as well as on video.
  • At 33 weeks pregnant, the doctor may prescribe an unscheduled inspection of, for example, the Doppler. This procedure is somewhat similar ultrasound, but it can help to judge the condition of blood circulation of the woman and fetus and speed placental circulation. Usually it is integrated with ultrasound, but can also be performed separately.
  • Identified during abnormal Doppler waveforms violations talk about obstetric pathology. To neglect the Doppler because the only way to identify all possible pathology before symptoms begin to manifest themselves.
  • Cardiotocography also appointed doctor at the 33rd week of pregnancy. This procedure helps to identify the motor activity of the fetus, his heart rate, as well as the tone of the maternal uterus.

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