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Pregnancy calendar: 34 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

At this stage of pregnancy the expectant mother harder to move the weight at 34 weeks of pregnancy became more and this creates some inconvenience. If the baby will be born in this age, preterm he will not.

The fetus at 34 weeks pregnant

Stir on 34 week of pregnancy are quite small, because the fetus is already big enough and it simply is not enough space to do active movements.

Now the baby has become even more white energy-intensive fat, which is 8% of the total weight of the child. Thanks to him, the baby became smooth skin without wrinkles and it is not bright red, and pink, like all babies. The hair on his head becoming thicker, and almost disappeared embryonic fluff. Baby, as the mother, is already beginning to prepare for the birth, so he began to form more of the original grease. Now the fetus is very busy strengthening their bone tissue, so he has to dial the calcium from the mother’s body.

If a child will be born in this period, it will have to be born prematurely. The thing is that the overall maturity of the child and the development of lung tissue already allows the child to live without any additional devices. They breathe and no intensive care they need. Every doctor will be able to see the ready light to the first breath through amniocentesis.

The size and weight of the fetus at 34 weeks of pregnancy is 32 cm and 2250 kg, respectively. But it should be noted that these figures may vary depending on the physiology of the mother and child development.

The woman at 34 weeks pregnant

For women this stage of pregnancy is primarily a preparation for childbirth. Now the mother may notice that the contractions changed much compared to what they were before. All the matter in fights on Braxton Hicks, which are not uncommon. These contractions cause pain. They usually begin in the upper part of the uterus, gradually moving down and the pain subsides. In addition, if pulling the belly at 34 weeks of pregnancy, it is also normal women in late pregnancy.

Some may confuse these reductions with these contractions. In order somehow to reassure himself, you just need to consult with your doctor. Seriously need to worry only when you start walking on water. In this case, you should immediately call an ambulance. And the most important thing at this stage is calm and good mood, because the kid already understands everything. And if the mother wants to have a calm baby, you have not to pay attention to the little things and enjoy life.

Danger on the 34th week of pregnancy

Selection on 34 week of pregnancy is something you should pay close attention. The fact that this is the stage when, after planned vaginal examination or premature childbirth, a woman may receive an allocation in the form of blood. As a rule, very few of them and they happen because of the disclosure of the uterus. But if these allocations have become very strong – should immediately call the doctor.

Even from the vagina may be mucus. This so-called mucous plug that whole pregnancy closes the cervix, or rather its channel.

Do not confuse this thick mucus from the fetal bladder. It should be noted that if the slime came from women, very soon the time comes to give birth. Be afraid of such discharge is not necessary, because no harm to the baby and the mother, they do not cause.

Recommendations on the 34th week of pregnancy

  • This is a time when we need to take a comparative test that will help you better to find out what the status of the fetus.
  • Typically, this test several areas of life of the child, which include: breathing, movement, tone, amount of amniotic fluid and the baby’s heartbeat. The condition is evaluated on a two-point scale. Generally, if the contrary is 2 – fetus feels fine, 1 if at it the average state, but in the case of 0 – one should beware, because this indicator is considered to be abnormal.

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