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Pregnancy calendar: 35 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

35 week of pregnancy, this is the stage when the baby already can’t wait to be born and the mother is more like clumsy hippopotamus. The weight on the 35th week of pregnancy has become even greater. Mom is more difficult to move and bend.

The fetus at 35 weeks pregnant

From toddler to maneuver became very little space. The size and weight of the fetus at 35 weeks pregnant already very large and is 45 cm and 2.5 kg, respectively. Despite the small number of place for a baby, moving at 35 weeks pregnant minor, but there. His physical condition is quite suitable for life without the various devices.

Now the task of the fetus was just the weight gain and the development of the nervous and urinary systems. His fat layer is already formed, and only with this skin was pink and without wrinkles. Now he looks like a normal newborn baby.

Lanugo that covered the baby’s body for months – gradually disappear, but on the head of hair is becoming more. At this stage of pregnancy significantly reduced the level Carovigno lubrication.

Nails are so large that advocate the tips of the fingers. Now the fetus will rapidly gain weight, and his movements will become more calm, because he just has no where to turn.

The woman at 35 weeks pregnant

This is the time when pregnant women go on maternity leave. Now all the free time you need to give yourself. Before delivery we have to buy special bras for infant feeding and to enroll young mothers. Stomach stronger presses the expectant mother on the chest, so it’s hard for her not only to breathe, but also to eat. To somehow alleviate their situation, you need to train yourself to eat fractional, that is, small portions and often. By the way, in the future, this system will help the mother regain the form that it had before pregnancy.

Now possible swelling, therefore it is not necessary to sit or lie in one position. In that case, if the mother have a long car journey, is, as often as possible to stop to warm up.

The woman increasingly goes in the toilet. Sometimes the interval is only 40 minutes. From this and sleep problems. Therefore, in order to avoid such inconveniences, it is necessary to use less liquid. Before going to sleep will benefit from easy exercises, but during the day you can even slightly to do their chores, they will only benefit.

Danger on the 35th week of pregnancy

The main danger at this stage of pregnancy is the placenta previa. This is sort of a pathological phenomenon, which is characterized by improper attachment of the placenta to the uterine wall. Thus, part of the placenta is on the family way.

It is worth noting that in the early stages of pregnancy this happens very often, but over time, the placenta rises and does not harm the child and the health of the future mother. This confluence of circumstances as placenta previa, should beware. It can threaten the mother heavy bleeding, not only during birth, but also during late pregnancy. Usually, the doctors assure that 1 woman from 170 occurs such a phenomenon. Most often it is seen in those who already have had a caesarean section, we re pregnant or elderly women.

In addition, there may be selection on the 35th week of pregnancy. A particular danger they are in if they are rich and bloody. In this case it is immediately necessary to consult a doctor. You should also call the doctor if the pain in his belly at 35 weeks of pregnancy, as it can serve as an alarm signal.

Recommendations on the 35th week of pregnancy

  • Now the mom is visiting your gynecologist once a week. Typically, at this stage, all physicians are asked to test for identification of Streptococcus group C.
  • This is the period when you should start to prepare for the future daddy to the emergence of a new family member. As a rule, the birth of the baby further strengthens the relationship between spouses, but it also happens when a man does not want to divide the attention of his wife with anybody else, even if it is a child. In order to avoid such a situation, it would be along to attend courses, which are specially created for young parents, where in addition to professional doctors and psychologists.

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