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Pregnancy calendar: 36 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Childbirth is not far off, but the final weeks of pregnancy can seem like a woman of eternity, because huge belly and other troubles plagued her every day more and more. But do not despair, because very soon this world will come a new man that will give mom the sea of tenderness, love and happiness. Stir for 36 weeks pregnant minor, because baby will simply have nowhere to turn.

The fetus at 36 weeks pregnant

At this stage, the baby is actively developing and preparing for birth. He’s already big enough and capable of many things: it has a well-developed sucking reflex, because he constantly sucks the fingers on his hands, preparing thus to breastfeeding. Besides, the kid hears perfectly, and may even respond by pushing her mother’s tummy pleasant it sounds. He has a full face and chubby cheeks. The baby’s skull is still soft, and most likely it is slightly deformed during passage through the birth canal.

The size and weight of the fetus at 36 weeks of pregnancy, respectively, equal to 46 cm and 2750, However, this value can fluctuate, because the true weight and height of the child depends on heredity and other reasons.

The woman at 36 weeks pregnant

By 36 weeks of gestation, the fundus of the uterus of the woman climbed under the chest, so the shortness of breath is increasingly making itself felt. And this is no accident, because the baby is almost right under the heart. Now is the time to attend courses for expectant mothers, where mothers prepare for the upcoming birth. By this time, almost all pregnant women are determined by the choice of the hospital, and whether the prospective father to be present at birth.

Very often, due to hormonal surge, pregnancy leads to excessive owolosenia on the body. But do not despair, because after the birth, the hormone levels to normal and everything will fall into place. It is also possible to highlight the 36 week of pregnancy.

36 weeks pregnant – it’s already the last week before timely delivery, so the doctor should visit more often. Typically, the fetus by this time is already head down, however, in 4% of cases the kids are down the buttocks (breech presentation). If this happened, then at the time of delivery will be faced with some difficulties, so in this case, the doctor may insist on caesarean section. Although it is necessary to know that in some cases moms cope without it.

If pulling the belly at 36 weeks pregnant, you need to appear your doctor, who will give some recommendations.

Danger at 36 weeks pregnant
Even now, for many women there is a danger manifestations of late toxicosis, so weight gain at 36 weeks pregnant still should be monitored, and should also monitor the consumed and the process liquid.

The normal adult human body is about 4 to 4.5 liters of blood. In pregnant women, this figure increases to 5 to 5.5 liters, and this is quite normal, because this extra liter have on the life of the fetus. If women in the last weeks of pregnancy toxicosis occurs, the liquid begins to linger in the tissue, resulting in increases the likelihood of swelling and going slow blood circulation. Therefore, the child loses through the placenta nutrients and the right amount of oxygen, which has a negative impact on his health.

Recommendation 36 week of pregnancy

  • First of all, now more than ever necessary for long walks, allowing you to fill the body of the woman and the child of oxygen.
  • Secondly, the fetus needs sufficient protein, so you should focus nutrition products such as cheese, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to take special vitamins for pregnant women.
  • And, fourthly, of course, rest. It is best to lie on your side, resting on the leg pillow, which in turn also is the prevention of edema.
  • In the last weeks of pregnancy mood moms can vary. It may depend on the conditions of life in which it resides and from its temperament and character. If it is desired pregnancy, and it proceeds without complications, if the house to the woman are all my love, tenderness and understanding, and the mood she will be good. She will be calm and fully dedicate yourself to your baby, always listening to him and waiting impatiently. However, there are cases when a woman is irritable, anxious, and experiencing constant discomfort: she may cry for no reason and feeling sorry for myself. Usually, it’s all about the fear of the upcoming birth. By the way, it is possible to give birth at 36 weeks of pregnancy, and the fetus will not be considered premature.

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