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Pregnancy calendar: 37 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

So at 37 weeks pregnant mommy to be congratulated, because now her baby is considered full-term, and if he decides to be born this week, doctors will not interfere with childbirth. Eight long months, was left behind, and now we have the first meeting with this little miracle!

Stir on the 37 weeks of pregnancy minor, but still a kid sometimes reminds her mother of the impending meeting.

The fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy

At this stage of development the baby is ready for birth: he already fully formed, all organs. Every day he adds 30 grams of fat, and the nervous system crumbs continues to change, forming around nerve endings shell that will perform a protective function. This process will continue until 12 months of age of the child, allowing you to control its movement.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy intensively produced in the lung surfactant, which will allow your child take the first breath, the lungs after birth.

Birth at 37 weeks of pregnancy is possible, however, if the pregnancy the woman first, then it probably reaches the end of the term, i.e. up to 40 weeks. If she is expecting twins or second pregnancy, it is possible and premature birth. But in any case, the delivery can happen this week.

The size and weight of the fetus at 37 weeks of pregnancy is 47 cm and 2950 kg.

The woman at 37 weeks of pregnancy

In the case of a second or third pregnancy in this period may be harbingers of birth. The pressure on the internal organs is already declining and the mother becomes easier to breathe. The uterus begins to further put pressure on the bladder, so the woman still feels the need for frequent urination.

Now the baby is considered full-term, and in the case of early delivery, the doctors will not resist.

To the 37th week of pregnancy should be a mandatory to collect full information about the hospital, where the woman will give birth, and the birth process itself, deciding finally whether to be present at birth husband or other relatives.

Many women are very responsible attitude to breastfeeding. Unlike artificial breast-feeding has more advantages. Because, first of all, this is a natural process that brings more benefits. Breast milk produces good immunity of the baby, preventing, thus, infectious diseases and allergies. In addition, breastfeeding creates a child’s right bite and even improves the intellect. When a woman feeds her baby breast, she has a real emotional lift, causing health and she is improving and mood.

Danger on the 37th week of pregnancy

The so-called fight of Braxton-Hicks on the 37th week of pregnancy appear more often: they become longer and more sensitive.

Vaginal, including blood selection at 37 weeks of pregnancy can make itself felt. This suggests that begins to move away mucous plug, and then after a few days can start at birth. Although there are times when giving birth the woman begins only after 10-14 days after the start of discharge. In this period it is necessary to hand over analyses on streptococci, to avoid infecting the baby during childbirth.

As a doctor you will need to seem as if the pain in his belly at 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Recommendations on the 37th week of pregnancy

  • To 37 week pregnant woman had to make a choice of hospital and doctor.
  • Over the past 37-40 weeks already it is not recommended to lie on his back, because this situation causes the pressure of the uterus on the aorta, blocking the inferior vena cava. The result can be increased heartbeat, which may even lead to loss of consciousness. So relax and sleep better on my side. If pulling the belly at 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is a signal that you should consult a doctor.
  • When the baby’s head descends into the pelvic area and the woman becomes easier to breathe, this is the first sign that before giving birth only a few days. The body of the baby is fully formed and ready to birth. If there is a blood separation, or have departed waters, it is necessary to urgently go into the hospital, even if the fight hadn’t started yet.

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