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Pregnancy calendar: 38 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Continues the stage when the mother is already increasingly difficult to nurture a baby. The stomach was very large, stir for 38 weeks pregnant at all reminiscent of the emergency meeting of the mother and child.

The fetus at 38 weeks pregnant

This is the period when the baby is fully developed, and every day he now adds 30 grams.

The size and weight of the fetus at 38 weeks of pregnancy is 47 cm and 3 kg, respectively.

The baby already has the strength to hold handles and soon the mother will feel it.

The formed color of the eyes of a child, during the first years of life could change dramatically. But if the fetus is now brown eyes, then most likely they’re going to remain. It’s all in the iris of the eye. If it is dark, it has a lot of pigment and decrease its quantity cannot. But if the opposite eye, light, during the year, the iris can still dial the pigment.

Now the kid ends development of alveoli, surfactant very active in their covers. In the brain already works the respiratory center, so now he will be able to make your first breath.

At the birth of his light shall be revealed, the baby takes its first breath of air and for the first time to cry for the joy of the parents. It should be noted that such organs as the pancreas and liver to the moment of birth until the end developed will not.

Their development will continue in the first years of life.

Kidneys and other internal organs are not yet complete and will continue its development. But the brain of the baby is developed enough that he feels the mood of the mother. His reaction he shows when felt the stirring at 38 weeks pregnant. In short, if you go into labour at 38 weeks pregnant, the baby will be able to live and to please their parents.

The woman at 38 weeks pregnant

The woman this time, when she rereads the pile of literature and prepared for the long-awaited appearance of the baby. Made the last purchase, and provides the latest guidance for the future Pope. Now is the time to attend courses for young parents.

Now from the pubic symphysis, the height of standing of the uterus is approximately 37 cm, and from the navel to about 17 see

Now a woman can feel like she’s starting from the bottom of his stomach and up his legs, sometimes runs an electric current.

This is because the baby gradually goes down, preparing for his appearance. In this way he touches the nerve endings that causes the sensation of an electric discharge.

If pulling the belly at 38 weeks of pregnancy, it may be a signal that the baby travels through the birth path and you should immediately consult a doctor. The same conclusion can be drawn, if there is selection for 38 weeks of pregnancy, especially if they are rich.

Danger at 38 weeks pregnant

At this stage of pregnancy small swelling is normal. But if the woman sharply swollen body and added weight, it is a signal to call a doctor. It is also possible vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. This suggests that women began pre-eclampsia.

Terrible back pain due to the fact that during the child bearing joints, the so-called pelvic ring has changed. All this happens due to the fact that the child needed to grow. In addition, it will soon pass through the birth path. All ligaments and joints relaxed, giving the expectant mother therefore, the load. If abdominal pain 38 weeks pregnant, you should in any case be shown to your doctor who will give advice.

Possible pain not only in the back, but in the calf muscles. All this because of a shortage of calcium. All the vitamins now intensely takes the baby to be born strong and healthy. The mother can only compensate for all the losses, so as not to spoil the condition of the bones, hair and nails.

Recommendations for 38 weeks of pregnancy

  • In order to compensate for the lack of calcium, the mum should consume dairy products, multivitamins, fish.
  • Now mom need to relax and go to sleep when subsides baby. Will soon be adding, so you should give the job to a future Pope to prepare everything necessary for meeting a new family member. If there is an animal, then now is the time to do it all vaccinations, and it is better to give parents for the first time.

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