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Pregnancy calendar: 38 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Congratulations, you’re getting closer and closer to meeting your little one! At 38 weeks pregnant, here’s what you can expect:

Physical changes:

  1. Braxton Hicks contractions: You may experience more frequent and intense Braxton Hicks contractions, which are a sign that your body is preparing for labor.
  2. Increased vaginal discharge: You may notice an increase in vaginal discharge as your body prepares for delivery.
  3. Pelvic pressure: You may feel more pressure in your pelvic area as your baby moves lower into your pelvis.
  4. Fatigue: You may feel more tired than usual as your body prepares for labor.
  5. Difficulty sleeping: It may be harder to find a comfortable sleeping position as your baby takes up more space in your uterus.
  6. Back pain: You may experience more back pain as your baby’s weight puts pressure on your spine.

Baby’s development:

  1. Size: Your baby measures around 20 inches long and weighs around 6.5-7 pounds.
  2. Movements: Your baby may be less active now as they prepare for delivery.
  3. Head position: Your baby’s head should be down and engaged in your pelvis in preparation for delivery.
  4. Vernix caseosa: Your baby’s skin is covered in a protective waxy substance called vernix caseosa, which helps protect their skin from the amniotic fluid.

At this point, it’s important to stay in close contact with your healthcare provider and follow their advice on when to go to the hospital or birthing center. They will also monitor your baby’s progress to ensure a safe delivery. Good luck and congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one!

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