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Pregnancy calendar: 39 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Pregnancy is coming to its logical conclusion. Now mommy already from day to day waiting for the first signs of childbirth, and the baby already can’t wait to see the white light. Stir at 39 weeks of pregnancy are negligible, because the baby is big and he is not as roomy tumble, as before.

The fetus at 39 weeks pregnant

The child is now very actively stored fat under the skin, making it smooth and bright.

The size and weight of the baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy is 48 cm and 3.2 kg, respectively. It should be noted that these data may vary, depending on hereditary factors.

Now the fetus is already developed and ready for independent life. Now all the organs can function, and its light is able to reveal for the first breath. Even the digestive system is ready to process food. Thus, already in his intestines passes meconium, which is the original.

Ventricle, although small, but produces pepsin, and pancreas are ready to become aide in digestion. Now there is absolutely no bacteria. They will appear only with the first feeding baby breast milk.

At this stage the fetus is actively developing its sucking apparatus. While chewing reflexes and salivary gland poorly developed, but after the first feedings of these processes will improve.

The woman at 39 weeks pregnant

Now the cervix is considerably shortened and begins to unfold. The biggest burden will fall on the bladder, as a result, it is possible that there will be depression. After all, the woman runs to the toilet more often, and to carry constantly about 10 pounds became very hard.

May be harbingers of births at 39 weeks of pregnancy. Because the fetus is already ripe and now we only have to wait a long-awaited meeting. Signs of onset of labour very much. First of all frequent contractions, and between them an equal amount of time. In addition, you will receive the allocation. This may be a sign of either departed tube or ruptured amniotic bubble. If the woman suddenly became easier to breathe, then the baby started to come down, and this is also a sign of the onset of labour.

Diarrhea and sudden weight loss are harbingers of imminent baby.

Risk at 39 weeks of pregnancy

Typically, the selection at 39 weeks of pregnancy first signs of imminent birth. This leaves the mucous plug. Selection will be either beige or quite colorless color.

Now the woman is looking for peace and quiet. She is not very good mood and it is connected not only with the swelling and discomfort. Psychologically prepare for childbirth is not so easy. The woman has a lot of fears, which could result in a whole hysteria. It is now important that the husband how much time is spent with his wife, calming and supporting her.

Such depression may affect the child. If pulling the stomach at 39 weeks of pregnancy, it just means that in the near future will begin deliveries. If you are experiencing severe pain – should immediately consult a doctor.

Recommendations at 39 weeks pregnant

  • Because at this stage of pregnancy emotional state stands above all else, the expectant mother should be more glad and rejoice in the coming of the baby. In order to improve their mood, experts recommend to frequently visit the store for children prior to the birth is already possible to buy a thing, a toy or a stroller. But then, time for shopping will not be time and energy.
  • In addition to baby products, you should think about yourself. If a woman hasn’t acquired a special nursing bra, it’s time to buy.
  • After breast women becomes even greater when the milk arrives. Don’t forget about buying pads for the chest, because some of the milk may leak. In other words, should take care that the husband will not be able to do without women. And if all of these purchases will be made jointly, the husband will become even closer to the woman and in the care of infants will not have disputes and quarrels.

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