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Pregnancy calendar: 4 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

During the 4 weeks of pregnancy continues active development of the embryo and begins laying of internal organs and nervous system of your baby. The placenta continues to grow and the umbilical cord is formed.

At 4 weeks of pregnancy your baby is formed following the embryonic leaves:

  • endodermis – this is a layer formed of the internal organs of the child;
  • mesoderm – this layer will form the skeleton, connective tissue and blood;
  • ectoderm – this layer is formed of the nervous system of the child.

By the end of the fourth week of pregnancy will be formed heart throbbing tube, which in the future will turn into a cardiovascular system. As the future of the child is formed 3 brain bladder, each of which will turn into a specific brain structure.

In the middle of the 4 weeks begins the respiratory system, she is now the child is delicate, because the carbon dioxide gets into the mother’s blood and then displays your lungs (the kid “breathes” lungs of the mother).

4 week pregnancy this week when actively laid the beginnings of future organs and systems.

In addition continues active development of the placenta, the chorionic villi grow deep into the lining of the uterus. At this moment actively produced hormonally gonadotropin human (HCG) is a pregnancy hormone. This hormone register Express the pregnancy tests. Peak concentrations of the hormone have on the 5th week of pregnancy, but pregnancy tests are so sensitive to it that they are able to fix the pregnancy and at 4 weeks pregnant.

Developing yolk SAC, this bag will store the necessary nutrients for the embryo, in the future it will disappear.

Tips for moms on the 4th week of pregnancy

  • This week, your Breasts will begin to prepare for the future feeding of the baby. Appears heaviness, tingling, increased sensitivity of the nipple. Don’t worry, everything is going as it should.
  • Appears mild tenderness in the lower abdomen is not the cause for concern, but if the pain will be long and strong, you need to consult a doctor.
  • Will the weakness, fatigue and drowsiness. No need to struggle with body – better lie down, sleep.
  • In the 4th week of pregnancy is possible perversion of taste, as well as perhaps You will want to eat something yummy.
  • In the morning you will have nausea, and sometimes vomiting.
  • Appears frequent urination.
  • This week You can buy a pregnancy test and confirm the pregnancy.
  • If the pregnancy test, for any reason You are not satisfied, you can donate blood for HCG is a more accurate method.
  • Do not drink alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
  • Eat properly and follow the regime of work and rest.
  • Continue to take the vitamins for pregnant women.

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