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Pregnancy calendar: 40 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Well, here began the report of the last days before the birth, not months, as it was before. The women in the calendar is already marked with a red cross day long-awaited birth and while she was afraid of them, but now she cannot wait to give birth. Stir on a 40 week pregnancy just remind the woman about the imminent meeting with the baby.

The fetus at 40 weeks pregnant

It is very difficult to determine what the size and weight of the fetus at 40 weeks of pregnancy. Average fetus weight is 3.4 – 3.6 kg, and length 50 cm

But these data can be very different. For example, girls often have a weight of 2.7 kg So far, fetal skull bones are not fused.

Nature has created such a cunning system for intrapartum skull could slightly decrease to the woman it was easier to give birth to her baby. Sometimes the child may be born with a head that is shaped like an egg. But, as a rule, it passes quickly.

A woman at 40 weeks pregnant

This stage of pregnancy is a finish line, which lasted nine months. The woman should go to the hospital, to the last days before the birth, it was under the supervision of doctors. Now the expectant mother especially hard. In addition to the fear of the birth process, she was scared for the baby and very difficult to move such cargo.

Harbingers delivery at 40 weeks of pregnancy is just what the woman waits.

Allocation to 40 weeks of pregnancy are either blood or milk color, and most likely two days later, a woman already give birth.

This means that the mucous plug begins to move away. But it happens that such emissions appear for two hours before the birth, so this is the first sign that you need to go to the hospital. Another sign of the rapid delivery is weight reduction and frequent running to the toilet. As a rule, it is now possible diarrhea, which further irritates the mother.

If pulling the belly at 40 weeks of pregnancy, it is also a signal that the child begins preparation for movement through the birth path.

Danger at 40 weeks pregnant

Generally good, normal pregnancy lasts exactly 40 weeks. The week is counted from the last day of menstruation. But due to the peculiarities of each organism, this period may be either less than 1-2 weeks or more. And this is not an anomaly.

Sometimes, when a child appears only through 44 weeks. Typically, such a child doctors call is overdue, but it is not necessary to make such serious conclusions on their own. To say that is overdue child or not, can only physicians. We have shown that 70% of cases when diagnosed “Late fetus” – is wrong. And the reason these false diagnoses one – moms just forget the number of the beginning of your last menstrual period. Hence an incorrect date of birth.

Recommendations on a 40 week pregnancy

  • Now is the time to determine the date, when to go to the hospital. There is even a formula that helps to determine that it is time to give birth. It is applied at the first childbirth and looks like this: 1-4-1. It stands as follows: the fight lasts less than one minute. Its interval is approximately four minutes, and they last about an hour. If the fight is quite impossible to tolerate something urgently need to go to the hospital.
  • The woman at this stage should be in a good mood and in a comfortable environment. The hospital did not need to be ashamed of doctors and nurses, because it’s their job. Instead the experience is worth more to eat fruit, to smile more and not to pay attention to all kinds of trouble. Baby feels everything and this can affect his mind.
  • Usually troubled future moms give birth to light the troubled children who were not allowed to sleep at night. So you should think about it. Of course, comfortable house, but even if I have to go to the hospital in advance – not a problem. As soon childbirth and home mum, I will return not one, to the joy of the Pope and all the relatives.

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