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Pregnancy calendar: 6 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

Congratulations, You are already pregnant as much as 6 weeks, but it is only a small part of the way, much remains to be done, and now must be registered in female consultation, where You will get a map, which will bring all the data about how You carry the pregnancy and what are the risks.

Pregnancy in six weeks, as the developing fetus?

The fetus at 6 weeks of pregnancy has a length of 4 to 5 mm. Continues to evolve neural tissue, neural tube is covered with a cloth, and at its end continues to develop the brain. The sides appear Cup-shape, where the pigment disks are visual bubbles, which is formed of the child’s eyes. Small fetal heart continues to beat with a frequency of 120 beats per minute, and it can be fixed with the help of ultrasound.

Begin to appear the beginnings of arms and legs, continue to form the internal organs. The bronchi in the lungs continue to branch and grow. Lay the body of the blood – spleen. Continues development of the male and female gonads. Is the division of the abdominal and thoracic departments.

The woman on the sixth week of pregnancy

Appear or continue early signs of toxicity (nausea, vomiting, weakness, drowsiness);

May cause Allergy to certain smells;

Perverted taste (you want something exotic), be careful and continue to eat properly;

Breasts continue to prepare for lactation, appears heaviness, tingling;

There is a powerful hormonal changes women on the 6th week of pregnancy. So reduced synthesis of pituitary hormones responsible for the regulation of the menstrual function, and this leads to the termination of the maturation of new eggs and the cessation of menstruation (nature has thought of everything 😉 ). But the production of the hormone prolactin increases 5 to 10 times and prepare your Breasts for breastfeeding of the newborn;

Pregnancy on term of 6 weeks is characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland as metabolic processes increase (because

You need two cells (egg and sperm) to grow for 280 days a small miracle). Do not be afraid of an enlarged thyroid, but still, you should consult with physicians and may need to be tested for hormones thyroid gland, as their increase can lead to spontaneous abortion. However, low levels of thyroid hormones can lead to impaired brain formation. Nature and they have taken care, so women suffering from hypothyroidism can’t give birth.

May cause seizures, because the function of the parathyroid glands is reduced, which is accompanied by changes in the metabolism of calcium;

Recommendations on 6 week of pregnancy

  • To be registered in female consultation;
  • You will have blood tests (complete blood count, urinalysis, smears on flora, biochemical analysis, and others), which will advise the doctor of female consultation;
  • You will also have to pass a narrow specialists who will recommend in the antenatal clinic;
  • Try to eat right, it is better to eat more often but smaller portions;
  • Drink natural juices;
  • Get enough rest;
  • You have an aversion to certain smells, so far away and keep your husband’s spirits;
  • Get rid of stress, may contribute close positive psychological climate;
  • Say “No” to bad habits.

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