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Pregnancy calendar: 7 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

On the seventh week of pregnancy, your uterus has become more than 2 times, but his tummy is still not visible. But you already got into the habit of rubbing her tummy. According to psychologists such procedure as it calms the woman and convince yourself that everything is in order, furthermore, it has already started to contact with the baby.

Pregnancy week 7 – the development of the baby

Child 7 weeks pregnant will reach a growth of 11 to 13 mm In the fetus continues to improve all the organs and systems. In the nervous system formed the basic structure of the brain and sense organs (hearing and vision). At the kid with his side already visible ears. The liver begins to take the hematopoietic function of the body, in parallel with the development of the esophagus and trachea. Begins to form the gut. The limbs of the child even more transformed and they already appear fingers. Feeding your baby will now receive from the mother through the placenta.

By the way on the seventh week of pregnancy the baby appears the tail that will have him to remain till 10 weeks.

The expectant mother on the 7th week of pregnancy

Your uterus has increased in 2 times, but the tummy has remained the same. Enlarged uterus more begins to compress the surrounding tissues and organs, and You may have noticed that they were much more likely to run to the toilet is just the beginning. Maybe You haven’t noticed, but to eat You become more, but it’s okay, you’re eating for two, but do not overeat, watch your weight, so he did not go beyond the norm. The cervix is closed thick mucous tube, the uterus is protected from infection. Pregnancy week 7 also characterized by a dark halo around the nipples, Breasts continue to swell. By the way your volume of circulating blood increased by 10%.

Recommendations for women at 7 weeks pregnant

  • Visit the antenatal clinic if You haven’t done last week;
  • Accept the fact that You have to go through a bunch of doctors is necessary;
  • Control your weight, it must be equal to the Golden mean;
  • It is recommended to listen to quiet music (e.g. classical) – it soothes, first of all, you are a beneficial effect on the fetus.
  • Scientists have conducted experiments about the beneficial influence of the classics on the growth of plants;
  • Follow the regime of work and rest, eat properly, take multivitamins, drop bad habits.

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