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Pregnancy calendar: 8 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect

At the eighth week of pregnancy your baby continues to grow and is becoming more like a little man. 8 week growth of the fetus is about 3 see now imagine the size of the egg. Compared with the egg, the fetus has grown to several thousand times! On the 8th week of pregnancy arms and legs become more decorated (legs and handles well bent fingers).

A fetus at 8 weeks pregnant

The head becomes even stronger human traits – well-developed forehead, visible eyelids, nose and lips. On the 8th week of pregnancy completes the formation of the heart and major blood vessels. The stomach begins to produce gastric juice, and the length of the intestine is greatly increased.

The brain of the fetus continues to develop, the cerebellum starts to work and there is a small movement in the extremities (more moves his hands).

At 8 weeks pregnant boys is the formation of the testes.

Over the past 2 months your baby has developed into a full-fledged fetus, almost all the organs are formed and it now remains only to grow up and start to fulfill their responsibilities.

The woman at 8 weeks pregnant

Your body on the eighth week of pregnancy will gradually begin to get into a “rut”. There will come a little easier, the body will get used to the hormonal alterations. Tummy starts to increase slightly (with thin women, it will be more noticeable).

Unpleasant companions of pregnancy such as nausea, heartburn, fatigue, bloating, changes in taste, breast tenderness, dizziness, and so on – are still your companions. However, you should not consider pregnancy a disease, it is not pregnancy – this is a new stage of life. Additionally, during pregnancy under the influence of hormones produced by the woman as if rejuvenated. In medicine there are many cases when women are suffering from incurable diseases was literally cured or faced a stable remission. However, all of this individually. But during pregnancy in women is cleansed skin, hair becomes stronger and thicker, the voice becomes more melodic, etc. all contribute to the hormones of pregnancy.

Have you already visited the antenatal clinic and has developed a schedule for monitoring your pregnancy. Doctors can recommend to visit psychological training courses for future pregnancy.

Recommendations for women at 8 weeks pregnant

  • Recommendations remain the same as for 7 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Many women are concerned about their sexual life during pregnancy. Doctors believe that sexual relationships are possible, if the pregnancy is physiological. Recommended as women to listen to yourself, if you want – please, if you don’t want it too is normal. But it’s still worth moderate heat of sexual contacts and to refuse multiple, long and deep sexual contact.

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